Los Angeles Air Radiation Doubles (Video)

YouTube Added: 06.08.2012


Resuming its upward trend after dropping in the Spring, Los Angeles air radiation has doubled in a recent 52-day period ending August 1, 2012. This reading was taken from the dust aggregate of three HEPA air filter machines that showed radiation emanation reading 205% of normal. The previous 96-day period registered 192% of normal. This equates in the present period, on a per day basis, to represent roughly a doubling of the last period’s alpha and beta dust. Spot checks of the HEPA filters before vacuuming to create the aggregate dust pile showed a hot spot on one HEPA filter topping out at ~284% of normal eventually settling down to ~239% of normal. These readings were taken at Radiation Station Santa Monica where there is no “radon progeny” to influence the readings meaning that these numbers are accurate. The possible reason for this doubling of the radiation could be explained by a surge in beta and gamma radiation detected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Rad Net station at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles during early July. That graph will appear on an upcoming EnviroReporter.com post called “L.A Air Radiation Doubles.”

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