Canada: Gentilly Nuclear Reactor Releases 200 TRILLION Becquerels Of Tritium Every Year

Canadian Nuclear Expert: Reactor is releasing 200 trillion becquerels of tritium every year — Becomes a part of your body and all living things — Gives off beta particles which produce damage that can result in cancer (AUDIO) (ENENews, Aug 5, 2012):

Interview with Gordon Edwards
May 7, 2012

Wikipedia: Gordon Edwards was born in Canada in 1940, and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1961 with a gold medal in Mathematics and Physics and a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. In 1972, he obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Queen’s University. […] Edwards has worked widely as a consultant on nuclear issues and has been qualified as a nuclear expert by courts in Canada and elsewhere.

Excerpts at 2:00 in and 13:00 in

  • Gentilly reactor [in Quebec, Canada] releases 200 trillion becquerels of tritium every year
  • Tritium is a chronic problem
  • No way it can be filtered out of [drinking] water
  • Becomes a part of all living things
  • Beta particle goes ripping through nearby molecules
  • Sometimes manifests itself as cancer

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