The Obamikado – I’ve Got A Little List (Video)

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In celebration of America’s Lord High Executioner and his program of targeting and killing people without due process of law. Read on for lyrics, source files and key articles about the issues covered in the song. Like and Share far and wide!

Adapted from the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta – The Mikado (

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As someday it may happen that a conflict we must start,
I’ve got a little list! I’ve got a little list!
Of America’s detractors who might well be blown apart
and who’ll certainly be miffed! They’ll certainly be miffed!
There’s the oil owning foreigners whose skin is rather brown.
I push a button then a drone will blow up half their town.
All victims who are blown up too – ‘accomplices’ we’ll call.
No innocents – just terrorists – we’ll classify them all.
But wait – the army’s offensives to congress I must tell…
but not the CIA’s – the drones will fit there swell!

If the Army flies the drones, then congress he must sway
so he’ll hide the program deep – deep inside the CIA

There’s the radical inciter, and the others of great faith,
and the Pro-Life activist – I’ve got him on the list!
The whistleblower Wikileaking into cyberspace.
He can’t escape my fist – I’ve got him on the list.
The idiot who raises some objection to my plan
“The constitution guarantees due process” he’ll demand
“without a trial or a judge to keep the rule of law
you cannot act as jury judge and executioner!”
I’m sad to say but, little man, your theory isn’t true
due process is just this – a process that I do!

And now you’re on the list! And now you’re on the list!
‘Cause the process that he does – that is what due process is!

And that noncompliant nuisance who is just a waste of space
the nosey journalist! I’ve got him on the list!
And the bitter people clinging to their guns and to their faith.
They never would be missed – our drones just do not miss.
Those who approve my killing move on foreigners alone
will see the state expatriate then hit them with a drone.
And in the end it doesn’t matter what they think is true
the drones can kill you both abroad and in the homeland too.
For a nation who gives up their rights and has a monarchist
may well be on the list – you’re all there on the list!

He has put us on the list! He has put us on the list!
For the tyranny we bought, will rule with an iron fist!

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