Local Japanese Official: ‘This Is The Worst Nation In History’

Local Japanese Official: “This is the worst nation in history” — It’s equal to the war, when I think of medical cost and sharing of social burdens from radiation exposure (ENENews, July 17, 2012):

July 16, 2012 post by Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma city council member, translated by Dissensus Japan:

Radiation Effects Research Foundation issued “There’s no threshold amount” which covered the theory of the scholars patronized by the government from the bottom.The Japanese Government ignores it.
The politicians ignore it.
The media ignores it.
They ignore their own people !!!!


In the article of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation is written that “everybody in Japan is a victim.”

When we are exposed to the radiation, even if the quantity is low, life will be reduced.

120,000,000 people’s life will be shorter in advantage for X years and when I think of the medical cost and the sharing of social burdens, it’s equal to the war.

There’s still people, like in a civil war, who are wandering without a place to live, without hope.

This is the worst nation in history, nobody takes the responsibility and this without regretting what they have done and they smooth it over and promote nuclear power.


I can’t believe the government ignores this important article and keep restarting nuclear power plants?

We have to ask to the National Diet members.

We can’t ignore the precious researches of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it’s also a desecration for the victims to ignore it.


They promote nuclear energy for promotion without listing to anything else, they just go straight to the ruin.

Neither media nor Medicines or educators talk about it.


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