Judge Napolitano on New Immigration Policy: ‘Obama Bypassing Congress For Umpteenth Time’ (= Totally Unconstitutional) – (Video)

YouTube Added: 19.06.2012


Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to discuss President Barack Obama’s route to enacting his new immigration policy and what impact it might have for deportations in the future.

“The problem is this,” Napolitano told host Brian Kilmeade, “the President has unilaterally changed the law. He has rewritten the law. His heart may be in the right place for a group of people that he feels will have to stay here, but he can’t do that. Only Congress can change the law. The law requires predictability. It requires fairness and it has to be constitutional. If the President writes it, it’s not constitutional, and if he changes the law, there’s no predictability and only the Congress can decide whether coming before age 16 is fair. How about 15? How about 17? The President made it out of his own head and we don’t have a system that permits that.”

“If the President thinks a law is unconstitutional, he cannot enforce — he can refuse to enforce it,” he continued. “Thomas Jefferson did that. But the President cannot rewrite a law to make it more to his liking. Only the Congress can remedy that. The President is bypassing the Congress yet again for what seems to be the umpteenth time.”

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