Michigan: Nuclear Power Plant Shut After LEAK

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UPDATE 2-Entergy Michigan reactor shut after leak (Reuters, June 13, 2012):

Entergy Corp shut its 793-megawatt Palisades nuclear power plant in Michigan on Tuesday due to leakage from a refueling water tank, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said in a report.

The company is in the midst of cooling down the reactor in order to make repairs to the refueling water tank, company spokesman Mark Savage told Reuters.

He said that the plant would return to service once repairs were completed, although he did not provide a length of time for the outage.

The tank was believed to be leaking from several locations,the company told the NRC.

The event had no impact on the health and/or safety of the public, the report said.
STATE: Michigan
COUNTY: Van Buren
TOWN: South Haven, about 120 miles (193 km) west of
Lansing, the state capital
OPERATOR: Entergy Nuclear
OWNER(S): Entergy Corp
UNIT(S): Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactor
and a Westinghouse Electric turbine generator

FUEL: Nuclear
DISPATCH: Baseload
COST: $149 million

1971 – Plant enters commercial service
2005 – Company applies with the NRC to renew the original
40-year operating license for an additional 20
2006- CMS agrees to sell reactor to Entergy
2007 – Entergy completes purchase of the reactor for $380
2007 – NRC grants license renewal
2031 – Reactor license to expire

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