Infinit Unknown Reader Bought A Hurom Juicer

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May 2012 is the best month so far!

The Hurom Slow Juicer has won several international awards and unlike cheap high speed juicers it will not destroy the enzymes in your food.

It is the fastest slow juicer out there.

More here:

The Hurom Juicer Is The Best Juicer Out There … And Easily Beats The Green Star Juicer (Video)

Soon your body will vibrate with energy, but before it will use the huge amount of energy and nutrients from vegetable and fruit juices to detoxify and heal itself from all kinds of diseases and ailments.

If you have seen this documentary, …

… then you’ll get an idea what the Hurom Juicer will do for you.

More info here: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (Documentary – Extended Trailer)

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