Unbelievable: Only 26 % Of People In Japan Concerned About Food Safety

“If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.”
– Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University

–  Only 26 % of People in Japan More Concerned about Food Safety after Disasters (Fukushima Diary, April 20, 2012):

Tokyo, April 20 (Jiji Press)–Only 26.1 pct of people in Japan are more worried about food safety after last year’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters, a Cabinet Office survey showed Friday.

According to the survey, 55.8 pct said their dietary habits have not changed since the disasters, signaling that people do not think securing food safety is more challenging than before.

Among men, 17.6 pct said they are more concerned about food safety. The figure among women was 33.0 pct.

By region, the proportion of such people stood at 35.1 pct in Shikoku, southwestern Japan, 34.8 pct in Tohoku, northeastern Japan, 30.2 pct in Kanto that includes Tokyo, and 21.4 pct in Kyushu, southwestern Japan. The proportion was lowest at 16.1 pct in Chugoku, western Japan.

The survey, which allowed multiple answers, showed 17.1 pct said they pay attention to energy saving in their eating habits.


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