Marine Contamination From Fukushima Reached Philippines In April, 2011

Marine contamination reached Philippines last April (Fukushima Diary April 3, 2012):

Kobayashi fellow-researcher from Japan Atomic Energy Agency analyzed that 18,000 trillion Bq of Iodine 131 and cesium 134 + 137 directly leaked from Fukushima to Pacific ocean.

However, because it is the estimation after 3/26, it would be much more than that if it includes what leaked from 3/11 to 3/25.

Also, it will be a several times much as 18,000 trillion Bq to count the radiation to fall from air down to the sea.

From their simulation, marine contamination already reached Philippines by 4/10/2011, will reach Hawaii by March of 2014, where is 5300 km away from Fukushima.





さらに大気から海に降り注いだ放射性物質を含めると数倍に増えるという。海に漏れた汚染水は、薄まりつつ海流に運ばれ、14年3月には、ハワイ諸島 沖に最大で海水1リットルあたり約0.04ベクレルのセシウム137を含む水が到達する予測になった。小林さんは「この時に最高濃度のセシウムを取り込ん だ海産物を1年間毎日食べても、内部被曝は0.001ミリシーベルトほどにとどまる」と話した。(杉本崇)

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