Inside Fukushima Reactor 2: 1.64 Sieverts/Hour

1,640 Millisieverts/Hr Radiation in #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 Bldg (EX-SKF, March 23, 2012):

When Quince the robot entered the reactor building to measure the radiation levels on the 1st floor of Reactor 2 building, the radiation levels were in 2 digits.

Now, carbon-based colleagues of Quince (TEPCO and Toshiba) entered the same building, and they got to detect 1,640 millisieverts/hour (or 1.64 sievert/hour) radiation on the second floor.

TEPCO and Toshiba employees entered the Reactor 2 building to conduct the survey in preparation for installing the thermometers to replace the current ones that are failing fast. The survey was done on March 15, 16, 21 (this may be Quince only), and 22.

From TEPCO’s handout for the press (3/23/2012):

(The first image says “1st floor”, but it is “2nd floor”.)

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