Japan National Tax Agency Inspects Only Newspaper That Reports Objectively On Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Chief Editor Has Been Arrested After He Critizized TEPCO

National Tax Agency is inspecting anti nuke newspaper (Fukushima Diary, Mar 13, 2012):

Following up this article..Chief editor of a magazine was arrested after criticizing Tepco

National tax agency is inspecting Chunichi newspaper group and Tokyo newspaper, which is one of the group companies.
Tokyo newspaper is the only media to report nuclear disaster objectively.
The investigation of national tax agency is unusually persistent. They ordered Tokyo Newspaper to prepare a guest room for the tax inspectors, even ask each restaurant to know if the employee actually used it for reporting. Tokyo newspaper is afraid of the privacy of the news source.

The newspaper company is also against the current cabinet to raise the tax rate.
The headlines were
“Noda cabinet is started. What should they do before raising the tax rate ?” (1/14/2012)
“Restructure of the governmental outpost agency must be done before raising the tax rate.” (1/30/2012)
They were insisting that people can’t be convinced if they don’t do the best to reduce the wasteful expense.



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