The Greek Military Is Ready To Take Over Greece

Greek military ready to intervene and take over Greek Parliament (Examiner, Feb. 23, 2012):

The Greek military is ready to take over Greece and dethrone Papademos’ led transitional government according to two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity but are high ranking members of the Greek armed forces.

The onset of the military intervention plan found its roots when Mr. Papoulias, Greek President, held a state dinner surrounded by his military leaders and asking for their support to take Greece back and protect its sovereignty.

The call for support of the military was held after the Financial Times leaked the story that Germany wanted to put Greece under the auspices of a new EU commission, led by Germany.

Such a drastic action may have serious consequences for Greece one of which is that this will definitely result in the country leaving the Eurozone, but that may be the least of their immediate problem.

The other consequence to take into consideration is how Turkey will react if and when Greece comes under military command. Both countries are not exactly on friendly terms and this action may just lead to an unnecessary escalation in the region.


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