Prof. Kazuyuki Kita (Jan. 2012): Radioactive Pollen May Increase Radiation To April 2011 Levels

Cesium pollen will increase the radiation level up to the last April level (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 24, 2012):

Though Japanese government stated cesium pollen won’t affect your body, Ibaraki University and other laboratories are studying the effect of cesium pollen.

Prof Kita from College of Science, Ibaraki University assumes it is possibility that radiation level goes up to the level of April in 2011.

From the research of Forestry Agency in last December, pollen from Namiemachi contains 253,000 Bq/Kg of cesium.

Assistant prof. Higaki from Radioisotope center, the university of Tokyo says, mask for pollen allergy can stop 100% of cesium. Even though you breathe all the cesium contained in pollen, it won’t affect your body.

However, everyone suffers from hayfever though they wear mask. Also, there is no analysis about other nuclides contained in pollen.

Ibaraki university will finish their analysis around in early February, but by early February, pollen will have already started flying.

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