And Now: Japanese Government To Measure Radiation Of Rain And Snow In Fukushima Prefecture … The Results Will Be Released In March!

Japanese Government to Measure Radiation of Rain and Snow in Fukushima Prefecture (EX_SKF, Jan. 7, 2012):

About time, you may say. But wait, there’s more. The result will be available in March.

And while we wait for the radioactivity of the snow that falls in Fukushima, the prefecture and the national government have been promoting ski slopes in Fukushima to young people with free or discount lift tickets. Come on up, the snow will shield dangerous radiation, so ski and snowboard in our beautiful mountains, the ski hotels in Fukushima say.

The Ministry of Education and Science already announced that there will be no announcement on weekends and holidays.

Yomiuri Shinbun (1/8/2012):


The national government’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters in Fukushima Prefecture and the Fukushima Prefecture’s Disaster Response Headquarters have started to collect rain and snow that fall on Fukushima to measure radioactive materials.

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The result of the first measurement is expected to be released by early March. The radioactive fallout in the air is still measured at more than 20 locations inside Fukushima, but since last summer the numbers at many locations are below the detection limit. So the government will test rain and snow in addition to the fallout to see the deposition of radioactive materials on the ground surface.

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