Russian Expert: Fukushima Situation Far From Stabilizing

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Fukushima situation far from stabilizing-expert (Voice Of Russia, Dec 13, 2011):

Vladimir Chuprov, the head of the energy department of Russia’s Greenpeace:

The situation at the moment at Fukushima in Japan at whole is not stabilized. The dangerous radionuclides such as Cesium 137 is identified in the children food, that the food, especially the sea-food is contaminated and local organizations like Green Peace from time to time publish lists of such food that is dangerous for the health.

From the economical point of view the situation will ask about 1 trillion yens, which is around up to 100 billion dollars to stabilize the company, which operates the nuclear power plant, which means that all the situation is far out of stabilizing both from environmental, economical and social point of views.

The consequence of such situation is the further recognizing dangers of nuclear power not only in Japan, but all over the world. It would mean that the government has to decide where to put money the best, and from my point of view it should be green energy renewable first of all, as an alternative for nuclear industry.

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