Russian Police Confiscate Radioactive Japanese Car Tyres Emitting Excess Levels Of Gamma And Beta Rays

why not find out moreRussian police confiscate radioactive Japanese car tyres (Times LIVE, Dec. 1, 2011):

Police in the Russian Pacific port city Vladivostok confiscated a shipping container from Japan that had dozens of radioactive car tyres in it, the Interfax news agency reported on Thursday. A total 29 tyres in the shipment were emitting excess levels of gamma and beta rencontre a quimper ray l'Internet s , making them unsafe to bring into Russia, a port official said.

“There’s a good chance the radioactive tyres are a result of the Fukushima accident,” said Ivan Skogorev, a safety inspector.

The tyres’ owner might have them decontaminated, shipped backed to Japan or buried in a hazardous waste site in Russia; but as yet the shipment’s consignee had not come forward, Skogorev said.

Vladivostok custom officials in April halted a batch of 49 radioactive automobiles exported from Japan, some of which were found to emit dangerous isotopes at six times safe levels. A similar incident was reported in June.

Russia’s Far Eastern region is a major consumer of used Japanese automobiles.

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station suffered a series of nuclear meltdowns as a result of an earthquake.

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