Fukushima Prefecture Hospital Staffing Crisis

Unstoppable leakage of medical staff in Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, Nov. 24, 2011):

Japanese government lifted evacuating area from Minami soma shi on 9/30/2011.

However,about 30,000 of 71500 people have not come back yet.

Medical staff escaped too. Hospitals are suffering from shortage of man power though they should evacuate actually.

Minamisoma city hospital is one of the major hospitals ,where is only 23 km from the Fukushima plants.

In this hospital ,doctors and nurse evacuated too.

Full time doctor ; 14 ? 8
Nurse ; 136 ? 100
Beds ; 230 ? 100

Apart from Minami soma city hospital , 2 of 8 hospitals were closed , 13 of 39 clinics were closed too.
There were about 900 medical staff but now it’s only 300 in total.

Remaining medical staff are thinking that’s because the national support is not enough.
Fukushima local government therefore has decided to spend 2 billion of 12 billion yen of tax allocation grant for medical care on these areas.
It will be spent to re-employ evacuated doctors or hire new doctors.

Fukushima local government can not let citizens leak out of the boarder because they lose their tax income. Thus they try to keep the citizens remaining in the area to keep paying tax.

Radiation advisory of Fukushima local government ,Yamashita Shunichi tried to explain, there is no health risk if it’s under 100mSv , or smily people are strong against radiation etc..
Behind these ridiculous explanations ,there was the intention not to let medical staff escape ,they assume.

Actually , Yamashita Shunichi rejected to conduct blood test and urine test for Fukushima children , he decided to do only echo screening test though it does never work until the children actually have tumor ,which is likely in 4~5 years from now.

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