Radioactive Los Angeles Air, 300% Over Normal Background (Video – Nov. 16, 2011)

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Disturbing readings from one of Radiation Station Central’s HEPA filters after just 30 days of use: 308% of normal background higher. Alpha and beta radiation captured by the filter can be attributed to the triple Fukushima Japan meltdowns, melt-throughs and melt-outs and the decision to begin burning 550,000 tons of radioactive debris in Tokyo from October to March, sending a double dose of radioactive fallout on the Jet Stream over the Pacific to land on America, Canada and beyond. Finding this high a level of radiation is considered dangerous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ingested alpha particles can be up to 1,000 times more dangerous than their beta and gamma counterparts.


5:15 pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECKS OF THREE HEPA FILTERS’s AGGREGATE DUST after 30 days of use in Radiation Station (VIDEOTAPED):
Waterpik Teledyne HEPA air cleaner/ionizer: ~60 CPM or 138% of previous background higher
Honeywell HEPA air cleaner: ~64 CPM or 147% of previous background higher
Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA air cleaner: ~134 CPM or 308% of previous background higher

4:50 pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECK OF HONEYWELL HEPA FILTER: ~96 CPM or 221% of previous background higher

4:45 pm 10-minute INTERIOR Radiation Station — Central background average: 43.5 CPM^

1 thought on “Radioactive Los Angeles Air, 300% Over Normal Background (Video – Nov. 16, 2011)”

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg again. What is wrong with these people that they would give us a double dose of radioactive agents sure to kill us? Why isn’t media, or even the Japanese people up in arms about this? Don’t the fools in power realize radiation poison does not discriminate between powerful and weak, rich or poor? While this is going on without end, the bankers are trying to take over western civilization. We live in a mad world, nothing makes sense any longer.
    I live in Northern CA, so we are getting a good daily dose here. At times, I taste a metallic quality in my mouth. It is in all our food, air, water and soil. I never gave credence to people who think the major plan is depopulation, but I have to wonder. Why would educated Japanese leaders send the radiation out again by burning it? It is incomprehensible. Have corporations taken them over similar to what we suffer here? Is profit more important than the human race?
    Thank you again for your bravery and dedication to report the truth. I see congress has a bill to censor the Internet both parties are pushing through quickly. I lived all my life with engineers, they will find us alternate communication vehicles. The Internet has been great, it was free, and all of us helped develop it, but there will be others very soon.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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