India: Massive Earthquake Swarm Near Gujarat

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Massive earthquake swarm near Gujarat- Is India on the eve of tearing? (The Extinction Protocol, October 22, 2011):

Gujarat, India – An earthquake swarm of more than 41 earthquakes have shaken the region of Gujarat, India on October 21, 2011 following the 5.0 magnitude earthquake which struck the area the day prior at a depth of 15.5 km (9.6 miles). Since that time, the tremors in the region has increased at a frenzied pace- indicating the earthquake may be more than just a random seismic tremor. The Indian Plate is currently moving northeast at 5 cm/yr (2 in/yr), while the Eurasian Plate is moving north at only 2 cm/yr (0.8 in/yr). This is causing the Eurasian Plate to deform and the India Plate to compress at a rate of about 4 mm/yr (0.15 in/yr). The compression fold forming the Himalaya Mountains along the Tibetan plateau forms the base-line for the Alpide Belt which, as we mentioned earlier, is showing increased signs of stress. Volcanism and ongoing seismic activity is also being reported in the Karachi region which sits as a buttress between the countries of Pakistan and India. (Above) Encircled areas on the map include major tension points in the country. With parts of Western India protruding out into the Arabian Sea and increased pressure on the land mass due to the northward progression of the plate and the mounting tension on the Alpide Belt, could the Gulf of Kachchh and the Gulf of Kahambhat be the first places where future rifts may erupt along the coastline as India is pushed northward and these earthchanges intensify? -The Extinction Protocol

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