Media Concealed Leaked TEPCO Report: 120 Billion Becquerels of Plutonium, 7.6 Trillion Becquerels of Neptunium (Decays Into Plutonium) Released In First 100 Hours

look these upNews: Media knew 1.2×10^12 Bq of plutonium was released to the air in the first 100 hours (Fukushima Diary, Oct. 14, 2011):


The Report which Tepco made for press conference on 6/6/2011 was leaked on the internet.

According to the report, Tepco already announced that Plutonium 238, 239, 240, 241 was released to the air in the first 100 hours after the earthquake.

It reads the amount is new order lyrics 120 BILLION Becquerels.

When it comes to Np-239, it is cliquez pour la source 7,600 BILLION Becquerels.

It is possible to assume a certain amount of them have flown to around Tokyo.

Knowing the fact, Media kept concealing the risk for 7 months and kept people exposed.

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