Man Fined £75 For Brushing Pet Dog

Man fined £75 for brushing pet dog (Telegraph, Oct. 10, 2011):

Roy Wyre, 66, received the fine after walking his dog Spencer in Nottingham last Wednesday.

Mr Wyre, a former security guard, was ordered to pay £75 for littering after brushing the animal and leaving some of its fur lying on the ground.

The incident happened in Harvey Hadden playing fields near the city centre on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Wyre, who was wearing a high-visibility uniform at the time, was initially approached on suspicion of impersonating a police officer.

He was questioned about his clothing by a community protection officer, who later issued Mr Wyre with a fine for dropping dog fur in a public place.

The pensioner, from Bilborough in Nottinghamshire, has since received an apology from Nottingham City Council. His littering fine was also cancelled.

A council spokesman said: “A Community Protection Officer (CPO) on routine patrol on Harvey Hadden playing fields in Nottingham was concerned after coming across what was believed to be a member of the public wearing a police uniform. After checking with a police colleague, this turned out not to be the case.

“We do emphasise however, that we would fully expect our officers to be vigilant and to make enquires if they suspect someone of impersonating a police officer.

“The gentleman in question was also fined for littering but once the full circumstances became clear, a decision was made to overturn this and an apology was issued.”

An internal investigation into the incident has been launched, the council said.

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