Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Announces It Will ‘Erase’ The NYSE ‘From The Internet’ On 10/10/2011 (Video)

… and then the elitists will take away the internet from you (as planned).


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: Build A New Internet To Improve Cybersecurity

Congressman Ron Paul on the Cyber Security Act: ‘They are doing everything in the world to control the internet.’

Law Professor: Counter Terrorism Czar Told Me There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act:

Lawrence Lessig, a respected Law Professor from Stanford University told an audience at this years Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Half Moon Bay, California, that “There’s going to be an i-9/11 event” which will act as a catalyst for a radical reworking of the law pertaining to the internet.

YouTube Added:03.10.2011

A new Anonymous statement to the media regarding a DDOS attack set forth to take place October 10th. DDOS information is annotated.

IRC LINK: irc.project-pm.org #invadewallstreet
(or for NetTalk users,


Greetings, Institutions of the Media.
We are Anonymous.
The events transpiring within Wall Street have caught our eye.

It seems that the government and Federal agencies enjoy enforcing the law a little bit too much. They instate unjust laws as mindless automatons, blindly following orders with soulless precision.
We witness the Government enforcing the laws that punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people.
We have observed this same Government failing to enforce even the minimal legal restraints of Wall Street’s abuses. This Government who has willingly ignored the greed at Wall Street has even bailed out the perpetrators that have caused our crisis.
We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life.
We the people shall stand against the government’s inaction.
We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill gotten profits.
We will not labor for your leisure.
We will not assist you in any way.

This is why we choose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can no longer stay silent as the population is being exploited and forced to make sacrifices in the name of profit.
We will show the world that we are true to our word. On October 10th, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet. On October 10th, expect a day that will never, ever, be forgotten.

Vox Populi, Vox Anon.
The Voice of The People is The Voice of Anonymous.
We are Legion. We are the 99%.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Wall Street: Expect us.

TheAnonPress Facebook:

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4 thoughts on “Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Announces It Will ‘Erase’ The NYSE ‘From The Internet’ On 10/10/2011 (Video)”

  1. I want to call this a potential false flag for the internet kill switch. The ONLY way they could accomplish something of this grander would be if they had unlimited resources(minds) and funds to create a virus that would be something like we’ve never seen before. Killing the internet would be the only way to stop this virus from spreading across the country or world.

    A simple DDOS attack isn’t going to do anything to the stock market. You’d need the resources of google’s super computers to do any real damage with a DDOS attempt.

  2. “Anonymous” could very well be a government orchestrated “crisis” intended to give an excuse to take over the internet.

  3. That’s exactly how I’ve viewed the whole thing since its inception. If you have any concept of computer systems, what they are ‘trying’ to do would be impossible.

    Maybe we will see the resurgence of the virus that was being sent loose on Iran’s nuclear facilities last year.

  4. well it’s 10/10/2011 and……nothing. I guess the video was just sent out to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I will not waste my time watching Anonymous video anymore.


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