Dictator Obama Prepares For Conflict With American Citizens (ALIPAC)

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Dictator Obama Prepares for Conflict With American Citizens (ALIPAC, August 25, 2011):

This week several left wing illegal alien Amnesty supporting organizations and blogs are lying to their readers claiming that I suggested or called for violent and illegal insurgency to remove Barack Obama from office while appearing on the Janet Mefferd radio show this past Monday.

I made no such comments. In fact, while I was reporting the condition that the American public is being forced into by Dictator Barack Obama, I said that I could not even talk about such things. Here is the quote that has Obama supporters eager to malign my meaning.

“We’re no longer referring to him as President Barack Obama, our national organization has made the decision and made the announcement we now refer to him as Dictator Barack Obama. That’s what he is. And basically at this point, if you’re looking for a peaceful political recourse, there really isn’t one that we can think of, and I’m really not sure what to tell people out there other than I guess they need to make decisions soon to just accept whatever comes next or some type of extra-political activities that I can’t really talk about because they’re all illegal and violent.”

Listen to Entire William Gheen Interview on Janet Mefferd Show (CLICK HERE)

My contention that Barack Obama has committed a form of Treason against the people of the United States has his elite political supporters bouncing off the walls. Obama’s approval numbers are crashing as more Americans find out about Obama’s illegal Amnesty and dictatorial actions, and my musings on a talk radio show are now drawing more attention to what has happened.

No major media outlets in America are adequately conveying to the public what has just happened here, so my baiting of Obama supporters on the Mefford show is helping to generate some controversy that escalates exposure of Obama’s dastardly actions to support illegal aliens with Amnesty while silencing the political voices of all Americans that oppose such matters.

From the chorus of condemnation coming from these Globalist amnesty and invasion supporters, I can unfortunately tell that my concerns that Obama and their political cabal is preparing to get really nasty with Americans citizens are accurate.

Several times in the past, when these leftist groups start attacking me like this it has meant that I have just revealed information that ended up stopping Amnesty in some way. The enemies of America hang on every word I type and say because of these past successes delaying their nation-destroying agenda.

It is my understanding that Barack Obama has just instituted the Dream Act Amnesty legislation and that he has done so, not by a formal Executive Order, but by ordering his agencies like the Department of Homeland Security to just make it happen even though the US Congress and public defeated that terrible Amnesty bill five times in the last decade!

The US Supreme Court, the US Constitution, and the US House and Senate agree that immigration and naturalization issues are the purview of the American public via our elected officials in the Congress.

Obama has exceeded his authority by using memos to create Amnesty that will put millions of illegal aliens into direct competition with American workers and eventually into direct competition with American voters.

While I am a man of peace and have dedicated my life to the political processes that make America a great nation, what exactly am I supposed to tell people to do?

I plan to ask them to continue engaging in the political process, but let’s look at each example.

Should we try to persuade more Americans to oppose Amnesty and illegal immigration? No need for that as the polls show a super majority of Americans oppose any form of Amnesty and favor enforcement by margins of 2 to 1, but Obama created Amnesty anyway.

Should we ask Americans to send more letters, faxes, and e-mails to Congress to oppose Amnesty for illegals? We have done that already for seven years and we defeated Amnesty legislation time and time again, but Dictator Obama has created Amnesty anyway.

Should we ask Americans to get more involved with elections, to volunteer and donate to campaigns, and to vote? We have done that and they have elected a Congress which opposes Dream Act Amnesty, but Obama has created Amnesty anyway.

And speaking of elections, while many of the new voter ID laws are encouraging, the word is pretty much out about the large numbers of illegal aliens registering to vote and voting for Democrats like Harry Reid in Nevada, Arizona, and California. Don’t forget Colorado where the Republicans in the state legislature tell us they have detected at least 5,000 foreign nationals who voted in their 2010 elections! Each vote cast by an illegal alien is a felony and a vote stolen from an American citizen. Number of investigations and prosecutions of these mass felony voter fraud activities? ZERO.

So here we sit with Obama acting as a dictator and implementing an Amnesty that the Congress and the American public have had no control over and and no say about the issue.

So on a radio show as I’m trying to lay out the situation, I mention that if Congress does not act, if Congress does not intercede to stop Obama’s unlawful Amnesty, then what options do the 80% of Americans who oppose Amnesty and collectively oppose a president acting as a King or Emperor have?

Please tell me, what realistic options are there? I’m hoping, praying, and thinking, trying to do all in my power to avoid Americans having to choose between slavery and submission vs. uprising. This has been my goal, this is what I have dedicated my life to as both options are unacceptable to me.

President Obama has created a constitutional crisis. And in all fairness, Bush was doing similar things, just not as openly and as flagrantly as Obama.

I have not called for violence to overthrow Obama, but I am honestly concerned that Obama is creating a greater potential for political violence in America. I know quite well that such concepts are being considered by the Obama administration. Why else would they put out a video on “See Something, Say Something” that predicts a near future population of the United States at “330 million people” which is 22 million more than what we have now? (CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO)

They may even hope to foster such a problem in order to reverse Obama’s rapidly declining support levels. I hope that nobody in America plays into their game and gives them the excuse they want.

I did not say that violent uprising against Obama was needed to “save white America” as these lying bloggers assert. I said that I believe the Obama administration was telegraphing or preparing for future conflicts with white Americans. That observation is based on the fact that their terror drills, like the one in Iowa this year, are running these scenarios, and the video they just put out shows every suspected domestic terrorist as a white American and every person contacting the police as a minority.

The big danger here for all Americans is that these George Soros and Obama backed groups that are throwing these lies up at me are on a script. They are scripted and ready to roll, and the name of the story is “evil white violent Americans need a crack down.” And they are ready to try to stick anyone into that script that they can.

We saw the same thing happen right after madman Jared Loughner opened fire in Arizona. In less than 24 hours, part of Homeland Security made the false claim Loughner was a Tea Party supporter motivated by the immigration issue.

Turned out that was complete bull, but the propaganda was released by federal authorities and picked up by these same leftist lie factories.

Many of these groups are the same ones that got very upset when I revealed why I believed US Senator Lindsay Graham was working with Obama and Napolitano to try and pass Amnesty for illegal aliens legislatively before the 2010 elections.

I said that his secret, yet not so secret, alternative lifestyle might be held over his head as leverage by the Democrats, and all hell broke loose.

But in the end, I was unscathed by the political flames, and 8 days later US Senator Lindsay Graham told Obama and Napolitano he was leaving the negotiation table with the Democrats.

Senator Graham is now trying to make amends with the Tea Party. After my revelations about his political liabilities made national news, his polling numbers have fallen so low he is in great danger of losing his seat.

I mention this story because I want everyone to know that when something I say has elicited this kind of overt and coordinated lying from these groups, it has meant that I have been right on the money. My concerns have later been fully justified.

These lying pro-illegal alien Amnesty groups attacking me in formation include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Right Wing Watch, Crooks and Liars Blog, Daily Kos, Alan Colmes radio show, America’s Voice, and Media Matters, among others.

If this is another case of me setting off the left’s alarm bells because something in my latest interview hit the nail on the head, then God help us all.

Usually, if I’m taking this much flak from their political guns, it means that I am rhetorically ‘right over the target.”

The Obama administration has just thrown the US Constitution, existing federal laws, and the 2010 election results out the door, and created Obama’s own army of loyal illegal aliens that owe him for their continued presence and ability to work without fear of deportation in the United States.

He has done so while Congress is in recess. He has done so as if to say, “What are you going to do about it?”

And while Obama dictates what immigration policy will be while leaving American citizens deprived of the Rule of Law and any voice or self-governance, his federal agencies and these supporting political groups are preparing to crack down on any significant opposition branding them as insurgents or domestic terrorists.

Obama has conservative America in check and possibly in check-mate! He knows that once his illegal aliens are locked in as future voters, the Tea Party will be destroyed and full gun confiscation similar to what has been done to the British and the Australians can follow.

I intend to work as hard as possible on the political and peaceful efforts that I have demonstrated over the last 19 years ever since I first registered and transported voters as a young college student once working on the Clinton Gore campaign in ’92.

I am ready to protest in the streets peacefully with my fellow Americans. I am ready to lead a march on Washington. In the tradition of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr., I am ready to march as a lamb among these wolves.

I will not be silenced and I will not be intimidated by liars and charlatans intent upon depriving Americans of their freedom and self-governance.

I am not afraid of corrupt men and women, spiteful bloggers, or Internet aliases calling for my punishment. I am not afraid of a two-bit dictator masquerading as legitimate statesmen like this globalist traitor named Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama. I am not afraid of the iron fist of Janet Napolitano or her eavesdropping abilities.

I do not fear the arrow by day, nor things that creep in the night.

I do not fear death’s cold scythe, and I will speak and love as a free man till my dying breath.

I fear only the wrath of our God and I pray that He will send us all the guidance and defense that we need in this very dark hour in the history of America.

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