Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Presses Obama Eligibility Investigation

Sheriff Joe Presses Obama Eligibility Investigation (Minuteman PAC, Aug 24, 2011):

Fellow Patriot,

In probably the first time in the history of our country, citizens have gone to a sheriff over a national issue.

At the request of tea party leaders in Arizona, tough-as-nails Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be investigating the validity of Barack Obama’s troubled long-form birth certificate.

And Sheriff Joe plans to conduct his investigation just in time to determine whether or not Obama is in fact eligible for the county’s 2012 election ballot.

Sheriff Joe’s promise came after a one-hour meeting with Tea Party leaders and others expressing concern that a fake birth certificate would be used to document the president’s eligibility to run in Maricopa County, where Arpaio is the chief law enforcement officer.

With only 242 signatures gathered on the petition, Arpaio was convinced to being a criminal investigation of whether or not a crime has been committed against the Arizona secretary of state, who must decide whether or not to put Obama’s name on the ballot.

As you know every “official” birth document released by the Obama Administration has been riddled with problems altogether indicating the White House has something to hide.

And, with Obama forcing Amnesty on America while refusing to secure our southern border, America must know the truth before it’s too late to save our country from ruin!

Earlier this month we reported that the White House unknowingly linked to a forged document on their April 27, 2011 attempt to debunk the questions surrounding the birth certificate.

Then the file actually released as the real thing on April 27, 2011 had problems ranging from possible technical glitches in scanning to red flags indicating forgery or fraud.

Sheriff Joe will be investigating the following issues:

  • Why several experts have declared the document to be a forgery.
  • Why the file number may be out of sequence;
  • Why “THE” appears to be misspelled as “TXE” in the State Registrar’s stamp;
  • Why there appears to be a “smiley face” in the “A” in the Alvin T. Onaka, State Registrar stamp;
  • Why the document has computer generated, multiple layers and is not a copy of a single layered document;
  • Why font types appear to vary throughout the document, reportedly, not possible with a vintage 1961 mechanical typewriter.

Right now, Minuteman PAC is mounting a nationwide fundraising effort to raise awareness and support for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of the Obama birth certificate nightmare.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

Thanks to Obama’s inability to lead anything but a successful campaign or analyze anything but fundraising party plans, America is on the brink of a double-dip recession and economic collapse.

Overall, Sheriff Joe’s investigation will determine whether or not the alleged Certificate of Live Birth for Barak Hussein Obama is a forgery (and a class  6 felony was committed) or an authentic document.

And here at MMPAC, we’re bound and determined to fully support Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his efforts to uncover the truth about Obama’s place of birth.

We know Washington will be throwing vast amounts of your tax dollars to lawyers and lobbyists trying to block Arpaio’s investigation, but we can’t let them win – not when the future of our country, OUR future, is on the line.

Will you help us fight?


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6 thoughts on “Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Presses Obama Eligibility Investigation”

  1. With all due respect to Sheriff Joe, the birth certificate is irrelevant. Barry’s father was not a U.S. citizen; he was a Kenyan national and a British subject. Per Barry’s own senatorial words and the stare decisis rendering in the SCOTUS’ Minor v. Happersett case, a ‘natural born citizen’ is a person who is born on U.S. soil and whose parentS were citizenS {plural}. Barry is a usurper and, if born in Hawaii, he’s a traitor.

  2. It’s been several days since this news broke, does anyone know how the investigation is coming along? The Globe Grocery Store Tabloid just released this story, but it did not contain any new info. The statements from Sheriff Joe that I read seemed to leave a lot of wiggle room, and I was left to wonder if Joe Arpaio was really commited to getting to the bottom of this. We don’t need another Donald Trump, a man who did everything except for take the time and trouble to find out if Obama’s alleged forgery was even real.

  3. Money will be doing the talking before the election. You can bet that the sheriff will become rich all of a sudden,and obama will be on the ballot

  4. I hope Sheriff Joe can ferret out this issue.
    Any reasonable individual must surmise that Obama is hiding something very important. Too many Americans are willing to ignore this blatant breach of our laws because of idealogical issues, but to trash the Constitution for that reason is treason.
    It is time to rid ourselves of the most mendacious and devisive leader we have ever elected.


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