Los Alamos Area Air Sample Test Results Show Americium-241, Plutonium-239 And Cesium-137

To see the actual results visit the link.

New Las Conchas Fire Air Sample Monitoring Information (New Mexico Environment Department (Radiation Control Bureau), July 11, 2011):

The air sample monitoring units were set in various locations and managed by the DOE Radiological Assistance Program as requested by the New Mexico Environment Department. The air sample monitoring and locations were validated for accuracy by the New Mexico Environment Department, Radiation Control Bureau.

The air monitoring results for 137-Cesium, 239-Plutonium, and 241-Americium are below air effluent Concentrations as specified in Table II of NMAC, and are in compliance with “Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public” and “Compliance with Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public” as specified under NMAC.

1-MDA, Minimum Detectable Activity, is based on natural background, the time period of the measurement and the volume and was provided by DOE Radiological Assistance Program.

2-NDA (No Detectable Activity), means there is no measurable activity above the MDA.

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