SOS From The People Of Fukushima

YouTube Added: 15.07.2011

Fukushima City should have been evacuated immediately …

Kobe University Radiation Expert Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi On Fukushima City (290,000 People): ‘Evacuation Must Be Conducted As Soon As Possible’

Alert: Greenpeace Radiation Measurements In Fukushima City: Hot Spots At 500-700 Times Normal!!! (Video)

Fukushima City (Over 290,000 People) Is In Danger: Greenpeace Detects Cobalt-60 And High Radiation ‘Hot Spots’ – Children Should Be Evacuated Immediately

… instead …

– Entire Fukushima City To Be Decontaminated, Process Will Take Up To 20 Years

Not A Joke: Japan Government To Seek UNESCO Endorsement For Its Food To Promote Food Exports And To Restore Trust In The Safety Of Japanese Food

Friggin’ Unbelievable: Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Advisor Prof. Dr. Yamashita Of Nagasaki University On Fukushima And Radiation (MUST-SEE!!!)

And Now: Japanese Doctor Says ‘Radiation Is Good For You’, ‘Like An Angel’s Smile (Even At 50 Millisieverts/Year)’

If you wait for the government to help you, then you are doomed!

Remove the government peacefully and help yourself!

The people are just worthless cannon-fodder to the elitists.

If it really were about civilians in Libya the US and NATO would have not moved one single grain of sand.

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