Phillippines: Female Mayor Punches Sheriff Several Times On The Head Over Evictions (VIDEO)

Mayor punches Sheriff in the head after he refuses to help the poor (Daily Mail, July 3, 2011)

Fighting for the poor is something most politicians like to boast about on a daily basis.

But one Philippines mayor has taken the phrase literally after she was caught on camera punching a stubborn sheriff in the head as he tried to demolish a shanty town.

Sara Duterte-Carpio, mayor of Davao City, was trying to stop the demolition of shanty area where 217 families live.

Pleading with Sheriff Abe Andres, Mrs Duterte-Carpio is seen growing increasingly frustrated.

After being turned down by the sheriff, Mrs Carpio asks to have the demolition postponed for two hours while relief work could be undertaken for the families.

But after Mr Andres again refuses, the mayor looses her temper and lashes out at the sheriff, striking him repeatedly on the head.

To cheers from the assembled crowd, Mrs Carpio and Mr Andres have to be pulled apart by officials.

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