Documentary On Princess Diana’s Death Banned In The UK: ‘This Film Is Made In Britain But Cannot Be Shown In Britain’, ‘This Has Never Happened Before’


AN explosive new film which claims Princess Diana was murdered on the orders of the ­British Establishment has been banned in the UK, prompting allegations of a cover-up.

Unless the makers of Unlawful Killing cut 87 scenes from their hard-hitting documentary, it ­cannot legally be screened here.

The film’s director, actor Keith Allen, will now show it in Galway, Ireland, which is outside Britain’s legal jurisdiction. He insists the British public has a right to see the full version of his 90-minute film.

“This film is made in Britain but cannot be shown in Britain,” he said. “This has never happened before. But as with so much about Princess Diana the rulebook has been rewritten.”

Mr Allen started making his film in October 2007 at the beginning of the six-month inquest in London into Diana’s death.

The film was financed by Mohammed Al Fayed, the former owner of Harrods, whose son Dodi, 42, also died in the crash.

But Mr Allen insists that Mr Al Fayed had no other involvement in the production.

“Before I met him, I’d partly believed the media caricature of him as a madman, driven nuts by the death of his son and wildly accusing the Royal Family of having planned the 1997 crash,” he said.

“Instead I found a man who was sane but frustrated that Britain would not hold an inquest into his son’s death. I felt that there was something going on.”

He then met barrister Michael Mansfield, who later represented Mr Al Fayed at Diana’s inquest. “He persuaded me that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash and signs of a cover-up,” he said.

Mr Allen added: “My film is supposedly in contempt of court. I openly question the impartiality of a coroner (Lord Justice Scott Baker) who had sworn an oath of ­allegiance to the Queen yet was sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice, presiding over a case which involved the monarchy.

“I also ask why he repeatedly refused to call members of the Royal Family to the inquest.

“Diana did write a note alleging Prince Charles was planning an accident to her car.

“Yet that note was not revealed by the Metropolitan Police to the public and press – or the French police who first investigated the crash – for six years.”

The inquest jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

That verdict supported a series of hard-hitting articles in the Daily Express which questioned the official version of events – that Diana and Dodi’s deaths were simply the result of an accident caused by a speeding drunk-driver.

Mr Allen said: “It is my contention the inquest was a shameless Establishment cover-up.

“They are happening all the time. Important case files are put on hold for 50 years or more. We are obsessed with secrecy in Britain.”

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  1. It really surprises me that none off the Diana conspiracies look at Dodi’s link to Adnan Khashoggi (his uncle). Khashoggi was the primary arms dealer in Iran Contra. Daniel Hopsicker (in Welcome to Terrorland) reveals that Khashoggi also had links to 911 – as co-owner of the Florida flight school where 3 of the hijackers trained in aero-terrorism. Khashoggi is also linked to the murder of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro (who was about to expose him for his involvement in BCCI and the Promis software scandal). Apparently even Mohammed Al Fayed believed Diana’s and Casolaro’s deaths were linked, but the CIA stonewalled his FOIA requests when he tried to prove it. I blog about this at


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