Infinite Unknown Reader Gets Radiation Readings As High As 2000 CPM: ‘Now I Know Why The EPA Has Stopped Testing!’

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Nuclear Expert Horrified That Feds Abandon Extra Radiation Monitoring of Milk And Water

Here is the comment (Submitted on 2011/06/24 at 6:46 am):

“We bought a new Ludlum model 3 with a model 44-9 pancake detector. We had to wait months to receive it because of their back-orders. Here is copies of the e-mails i sent describing some of my results.

We had our first rain yesterday since we received our detector.
At the beginning of the rain at 8:55 am i wiped a paper towel on the same table on our deck that i got 20 to 40 cpm’s from when dry measuring wind blown pollen and detritus. This is on the high side of what i read as background.
The first wet sample peaked at 150 cpm’s and stabilized (averaged) at 100 cpm’s.This translates to .26 millirems per hour. Paper placed between the detector and the sample which shields alpha (helium nuclei) lowered the cpm to 60.
At 9:26 am i took another sample using the same method. it peaked at 350 cpm and averaged 300 cpm. Paper placed between this sample and the detector lowered the rate to 250 cpm. This rate is like living at 30000 feet!
At 10:00 am i took another reading using the same method. This showed 500 cpm average and with paper showed 250. 500 cpm is equivalent to 1.5 mR/hr and 100 cpm is generally considered “dangerous”.
At 10:30 i took another sample after the rain stopped. It showed 300 cpm and with paper 150.
Background at 10:43 am is 40 cpm.
At 11:30 am i took another reading. 100 cpm and with paper 60 cpm.
Now i know why the epa has stopped testing!
Please do your own research. Remember these isotopes don’t “disappear” when they recede into soil, bodies of water and gasify. They are taken up by the biosphere and we will eat, drink or breathe some of them!
Readings taken two hours after the above tests showed drops of activity down to 20 cpm for the lower beginning readings and 100 cpm for the test that showed 500 cpm. After another hour the 500 cpm down to 100 cpm sample showed 40 cpm. This morning the 500 cpm sample still reads 40 cpm.
This indicates to me the main isotopes are gases that are concentrating in rain and quickly regasify once the air starts to dry out. My guess is the readings were showing iodine for the most part. What is not guessing is that rain is HUGELY radioactive and if i am measuring iodine this gaseous isotope is absorbed through our lungs, skin and eyes.
All samples were sealed in plastic bags wet and opened only when i retested them.

After this i continued testing and got readings as high as 1200 cpm down to 350 cpm from the same rain taken at different times and at different places. The last rain we had yesterday showed a 2000 cpm count that like the others slowly went down over hours to 500 cpm and this morning that sample is reading 40 cpm. We are being dosed by gaseous isotopes. We will see a HUGE rise in infant mortality very soon and an upsurge in cancers that will dwarf the 1 person in 2 that now will suffer cancer in their lives.

Henry Kissenger, war criminal, genocidist, judiac.
Israel is responsible for Fukushima.”

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