TEPCO Fears Massive Deadly Radioactive Waste, Containing 100 Million Becquerels Per Cubic Centimeter

Don’t expect a sane solution – if there is any – from TEPCO and the Japanese government:

Totally Insane Japanese Government To Permit Radioactive Cement!

Fukushima: Radioactive Debris to Be Disposed of As Regular Debris

Highly Radioactive (170,000 Bq/Kg) Sewage Slag Found In TOKYO, Has Already Been Sold As Construction Material!!!

TEPCO starts up water treatment system, but massive radioactive waste feared (Mainichi Japan, June 16, 2011):

But while contaminated water is treated, the system developed by Areva is expected to produce about 2,000 cubic meters of radioactive sludge by the end of this year. The sludge is likely to be highly radioactive with 100 million becquerels per cubic centimeter. In addition, about two to four 2.3-meter-tall cesium-absorbing containers are expected to be needed each day, but the roadmap does not take into account work to dispose of the containers.

“Massive amounts of extremely high levels of radioactive waste will be produced and our work to deal with the crisis at the No. 1 Nuclear Plant will enter unknown territory. It could affect the roadmap,” said a senior official of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The ministry and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency are considering measures, including revising laws or enacting new laws, to deal with massive amounts of radioactive waste.

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