Record Radiation Levels At Fukushima (Video – Reuters)

Video: Record radiation levels at Fukushima (Reuters/Gamut News, June 5, 2011):

Highest-yet radiation levels are found near a steam vent in a reactor in Japan’s stricken nuclear plant as work continues to prevent more radiation from leaking from other reactors.

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Excellent Arnie Gundersen Interview: Leave Tokyo If There Is A Severe Aftershock And The Unit 4 Building Collapses, Now That The Winds Have Turned:

Arnie Gundersen: “… It could have cut Japan in half. But now the winds have turned, so they are heading to the south toward Tokyo and now my concern and my advice to friends that if there is a severe aftershock and the Unit 4 building collapses, leave. We are well beyond where any science has ever gone at that point and nuclear fuel lying on the ground and getting hot is not a condition that anyone has ever analyzed.”

Arnie Gundersen: “Now, Unit 3 has another problem and the NRC mentioned it yesterday for the first time and it gets back to that saltwater and the effect on iron. They are afraid that the reactor bottom will break, literally just break right out and dump everything. Because it’s now hot and it’s got salt on it and it’s got the ideal conditions for corrosion. So the big fear on Unit 3 is that it will break at the bottom and whatever else remains in it, which could be the entire core, could fall out suddenly.”

Arnie Gundersen: “Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day.”

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