Fukushima Refugees: 40 Percent Show Internal Radiation Exposure

Hiroshi Nagasaki Hospital, examined the internal exposure to 40 percent of refugees from Fukushima et al. (Chugoku Shimbun, June 2, 2011):

Google translate:

After the accident the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima who entered the field and in the relief activities, Hiroshi Nagasaki hospital people have been evacuated from the field in Nagasaki Prefecture (Nagasaki) and was examined, the internal exposure of about 40% ( nuked) have found that. The measurements revealed a non-body radiation is the first nuclear power plant workers. This level of thinking about health effects. The university has 05 research groups, to be held in Naka-ku “Failure Study Group after the atomic bomb” in the report.

University hospital from March 14, intended for refugees from the disaster area universities and other officials were sent to Nagasaki Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, whole-body counter (measuring device body) to examine the body using radiation that. By analyzing a total of 87 inspected by the end of the month, typically 34 to 131 people does not detect radioactive iodine (39%), the cesium-137 22 (25%) were detected.

Iodine averaged 8.2 becquerels per kilogram body weight, was 12.5 becquerels cesium. Human (adult) in the body of the normal 50 – 40 from radioactive potassium in the presence of 70 becquerels, not considered a health effect.

Matsuda Naoki, Professor of Life Sciences Research Center research group led by Hiroshi Nagasaki, “The value of iodine and cesium were within expectations. I have not much breath was captured through the” Let’s try this. Fukushima Prefecture from April into the amount of people who find that the measurements are close to zero.

Professor Matsuda has “emerged as a result of the data for early internal exposure. The direction and distance to the primary, according to analysis by such behavior and time spent, ?Kaseru might have for future study,” he said .

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