Iowa: Tornado, Hail, And Damaging Winds = HAARP Rings 24 Hours Ago – Now: Possible Tornado Heading Towards Downtown Des Moines (05/29/2011)

Added: 29.05.2011

The red triangle on the map shows the tornado in Iowa.. also the blue shows Hail, the Yellow markers show damaging winds and hail, and the green markers indicate “strong cell” thunderstorms.

also, here is the HAARP ring forecast I made from about 24 hours ago… calling specifically for Omaha to Davenport to get severe up to tornados…

Added: 29.05.2011

Heading towards downtown Des Moines Iowa …see it now.. here is intellicast..

click on “overlays” in the upper right hand corner.. then select “titan storm tracking” to see the status of each individual cell.

Tornados forming and unforming.. hail, severe winds etc..

and here is the original HAARP ring forecast calling for Iowa to get hit with severe up to tornados based upon the HAARP ring signatures that appeared a full day or more ago.

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