Weather Modification: HAARP Rings & Scalar Squares Create Severe Weather And Tornadoes – Daily Mail: FIFTY tornadoes in just 10 hours: At least 15 die as new wave of twisters slams into Midwest


Joplin Missouri Forecast Has Been CORRECT!!! – Tornado Kills At Least 89 In Joplin, Missouri (Reuters)

HAARP Rings And Scalar Squares Cause – As Predicted – MASSIVE Tornado Outbreak (04/28/2011)

FIFTY tornadoes in just 10 hours: At least 15 die as new wave of twisters slams into Midwest… but how much more can America take? (Daily Mail, 8:20 PM on 25th May, 2011):

  • 15 people killed in three states – at least another 60 injured
  • 151mph winds recorded – and more severe weather expected
  • Tornado warning for Kansas City as more touch down on Wednesday
  • Rescue workers search for missing, including three-year-old boy
  • Dead include 64-year-old woman driving to escape tornado
  • Pope Benedict XVI says he is praying for U.S. tornado victims
  • Around 500 people have now died in the U.S. from tornadoes this season
  • Oklahoma governor declares a state of emergency in 68 of 77 counties

5/25/2011 — Springfield Illinois — intense HAARP ring and Ghost storm

Added: 25.05.2011

seen on intellicast RADAR now… A very intense large HAARP ring return, with “ghost storm” to accompany it.

This means severe weather in 24-48 at the center of the Ring.. which is Springfield Illinois.

5/25/2011 — expect another very busy weather day = entire midwest under severe threat

Just a heads up .. in case you somehow missed it all yesterday .. today will be a bit more of the same.. severe across the board most likely.

My forecast from earlier today covers several areas, and names the specific towns that may have a threat watch associated with them due to the HAARP Ring activity.

Hundreds of people died yesterday. These storms are as severe as they can get.. F5 tornadoes, softball sized “spiked mace” type hail, torrential rain, flash flooding, and heavy lighting activity.

Beware today if you live in the midwest, if you hear a tornado siren, PLEASE do not dismiss it !! Take warning and move to the proper interior location.

much love to one another, and stay safe in you are in the area from Texas north to North Dakota, west to Colorado, and east to New York State.. bascially 2/3 of the country.

5/25/2011 — St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock Paducah, Chicago, Shreveport = 24 – 48 severe


Several “HAARP Rings” VLF UHF appeared over St. Louis, Missouri – Memphis, Tennessee – Little Rock, Arkansas – Chicago Illinois / North Indiana – Shreveport and Baton Rouge Louisiana.

All areas may expect to get severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the next 24-48 hours based upon the “appearing” of the “HAARP Rings” with the epicenter of each ring being the aforementioned cities.

More information will be updated as more rings appear throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow.

5/24/2011 — Dozens of tornadoes develop = Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia

5/24/2011 — Tornadoes in Oklahoma City, Kansas, forming near North Carolina, and Virginia

5/24/2011 — Severe storms heading to St. Louis, Des Moines, Topeka, KC, and OKC

Each area from two days ago HAARP ring outbreak and Scalar Square activity.. is going to get hit today with severe weather up to and including tornadoes.

Areas to be hit today are:

Saint Louis, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Des Moines, Iowa

Topkea, Kansas

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

This list WILL expand to cover more of the cities forecasted by the HAARP ring forecasters over the past few days.

for the past 24 hours I hit the road and last night was NOT able to upload.

So if you are curious about the HAARP ring activity that led up to TODAY’s severe outbreak.. search youtube for “haarp ring” over the past 24 hours.

Several of the other haarp ring forecasters have been on top of this..





and SOO many more.. these are just off the top of my head!

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  1. One of these days when people are more aware, they’re going to be livid when they realize their loved ones were killed by and their homes destroyed by HAARP at the governments control! Talkin Bout a Revolution!

    Come to Truth Fest 2011 and share your voice on this cover up!


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