Fukushima: Korean TV News Director Exposed To 148 MILLISIEVERTS – Chromosome Analysis Shows 7 Out Of 1,000 Cells Damaged

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KBS earthquake coverage from the director of photography, more than permissible exposure limits (Yonhap News):

Yonhap News May 11 (Wed) 1:17 min delivery

Yonhap News SEOUL – 11th earthquake struck eastern interview that occurred in January from the cinematographer 3 KBS video production office, knew that he had 11 days exposure to radiation doses exceeding the reference value.
KBS KBS Union speech said the new union’s national headquarters, from March 15 were examined by the director of photography covering the Tokyo area on the 17th, was estimated radiation exposure of 103 mSv. The analysis of chromosomes, out of 1000 cells, abnormal cells are found 5.

Prior to this, three days of exposure to radiation by the Director of Photography (148 mSv) of the cells by 1000, has been diagnosed with seven cells are damaged. December 3 – The coach interviewed for around 15 days Fukushima. International Commission on Radiological Protection and other international organizations to determine standards for radiation protection (ICRP) dose limit of 20 years of nuclear accidents emergency – 100 mSv, settling the accident at the stage when a 20 mSv per year and are presented.

Director of photography covering the Tokyo area were “able to see even more scary. To stay in Japan during the earthquake, rather ?Kunakatta. But the frightened exposure, become a reality,” he said.
Meanwhile, KBS public relations department said, “These things happened in a very regrettable, to take necessary measures. However, I take for test results and how the position is still cautious. The examination I need to know, “he said.

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