US: EVERY ‘HAARP RING’ From 2 Days Ago Now HIT By Tornados And Very Severe Weather (4/14/2011)

Added: 14.04.2011

From YouTube user dutchsinse.

original prediction video from two days ago:’

watch it all happen right now 508pm CST 4/14/2011 here on intellicast:

here are the locations I forecast to be hit with tornados / very severe weather,

quoting myself here:

“NORTHERN MINNESOTA — Tornados within 24-48 hours .. based upon the appearing of the “rings” in conjunction with the “squares” or actually rectangles.

Rest of the areas listed below ..
severe weather UP TO tornados. Based upon the smaller concentric “spiral rings” . Austin, Dallas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Springfield and Kansas City Missouri, North Platte Nebraska , Hastings and Red Cloud Nebraska, Omaha Nebraska, Des Moines Iowa, Junction City and Topeka Kansas.”…

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