Police Use Tear Gas on Boots Tax Protesters

THREE people were taken to hospital after police used CS gas on protesters who had occupied a branch of Boots.

Campaign group Uncut claims the pharmacist is cheating the UK out of millions by being registered in tax haven Switzerland.

Around 20 people dressed in bloody bandages stormed the store in Oxford Street, London, yesterday forcing it to close shortly after 1pm.

Police moved in and used CS gas as they arrested a female protester on suspicion of criminal damage.

Witness Kate Walker said the women was trying to post leaflets under a door.

She said: “As they arrested her a group followed and 10 people were sprayed.”

Activists said Boots staff gave those affected free eye wash to flush out the spray.

The demo was one of 30 around the country targeting firms based ­overseas for tax purposes. But Boots said it had moved abroad due to its “international nature”.

by Steve Myall, Daily Mirror 31/01/2011

Source: Mirror

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