Global News (02/08/09)

President Blair: Former PM set to become EU chief as Sarkozy battles to win him the post (Daily Mail)

US warns of battle worse than Iraq in Afghanistan (AFP):
MUNICH, Germany (AFP) – The United States warned its allies Sunday that fighting the insurgency in Afghanistan could prove tougher than in Iraq and appealed, along with Britain, for more troops and equipment.

Obama’s NSC Will Get New Power (Washington Post)

Scottish politicians urge BBC to take Clarkson off air over Brown jibes (Guardian):
Scottish politicians today called for the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson to be taken off the air until he apologised for calling Gordon Brown a “one-eyed Scottish idiot”. The BBC presenter also accused the prime minster of lying.

Along With Everything Else Taxpayers Stuck With Billions In Losses (International Forecaster)

Bank of England to issue grimmest warning yet on economy (Guardian)

Vince Cable: ‘Bring back the guillotine…for bankers’ (Daily Mail)

US Treasury ‘overpaid’ $78bn in bank bailout (Telegraph):
The US Government overpaid $78 billion last year for stakes in troubled banks as part of its $700 billion bailout, the Congressional panel overseeing the rescue said.

Geithner Says US Financial System Remains ‘Badly Damanged’ (Wall Street Journal)

US Treasury to pump billions more into banks (Times Online)

Obama puts brake on Afghan surge (Times Online)

Netanyahu stokes fears to take poll lead (Times Online)

SCENARIOS-Here’s what happens next on US stimulus package (Reuters)

Massacres follow failed US-aided Uganda mission: report (Washington Post)

The rise and (almost) fall of America’s banks (AP)

Ecuador’s president orders US diplomat expelled (AP)

Report: More than 300,000 children ‘at risk’ in Israel (Haaretz)

FACTBOX: Where has the US bailout money gone? (Reuters)

Chrysler to idle four plants next week (Reuters)

NYPD officer caught in drug scandal takes plea, dishes on corrupt cops (New York Daily News)

84 killed in deadliest-ever Australian wildfires (AP)

Sharpton calls for justice outside Madoff’s home (Reuters):
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Saying Bernard Madoff enjoys a “gilded penthouse incarceration,” civil rights activist Al Sharpton led a rally outside the accused swindler’s Manhattan home on Saturday urging equal justice for the rich and poor.

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