Wildflower Extracts Easily Kill MRSA Superbug

(NaturalNews) Extracts from two Eurasian wildflowers are highly effective at killing the superbug methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to a study conducted by researchers at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Ireland.

Researchers found that extracts from Inula helenium (commonly known as elecampane, horse-heal or marchalan) eliminated 100 percent of MRSA colonies upon exposure.

I. helenium and another wildflower, known as Pulsatilla vulgaris or pasque flower, were tested against 300 different varieties of staphylococci bacteria, including MRSA. P. vulgaris also proved “highly effective” against MRSA, according to an article in the “Irish Examiner.”

MRSA is resistant to all first-line antibiotics, making it more likely that staph infections caused by the bug will proceed for longer without treatment and spread from the skin to other parts of the body. This makes MRSA correspondingly more lethal than other staph infections. The increasing prevalence and lethality of MRSA in hospitals, schools, prisons and other institutional settings across the United States has made the superbug an issue of increasing concern for health officials.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that MRSA infected nearly 100,000 people in the United States in 2005 and killed 18,650 people. Roughly 16,000 people died from AIDS in the same year.

I. helenium is a bright yellow, tall perennial wildflower that grows throughout central and southern Europe and throughout western and central Asia as far east as the Himalayas. It blossoms in the late summer. P. vulgaris, a member of the buttercup family, produces bell-shaped flowers in early spring. The wildflower is found throughout western, central and southern Europe. Both flowers grow wild in Ireland and Great Britain.

The research on the wildflower extracts was carried out by a postgraduate student under the supervision of a CIT professor and a senior medical scientist from the microbiology department of Cork University Hospital.

Friday, June 06, 2008
by: David Gutierrez

Source: Natural News

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  1. I was diognized with MRSA 2 yrs ago after suffering severe headaches, tiredness and boil like cysts, at times up to 15 if them on my body at one time.
    Am so frustrated as have tried all the antibiotics, only made them worse. Have tried various natural remedies, helps for a while, but does not get rid of it.

    Have read that elecampane and copper pills work, any advice will be appreciated.
    Just wish to have my healthy life back.

    Kind regards


      First the bad news:

      By taking antibiotics the beneficial bacteria in the intestines get wiped out and also the immune system gets destroyed.

      Antibiotics also “paralyse” your mitochondria, the power generators of your cells, which is why you do not feel well even weeks after taking antibiotics (anti = against, bios = life).

      So antibiotics really only ‘help’ in the short run, but do a great job in destroying ones health in the long run.

      Very soon antibiotics will stop working altogether, because they have stopped developing new ones and just mix the old ones and have given tons of antibiotocs to our lifestock, which led to the (much faster) development of drug resistant strains of bacteria:

      Study Finds MRSA Strain That Eludes Traditional Tests Found in Cow’s Milk

      US: Almost Half Of Meat In Stores Contaminated With Strains Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

      60 Percent of Pigs in Slaughterhouses Contaminated With MRSA


      The good news is that all of this can be reversed and your MRSA infection can be cured.

      I will not tell you what you should do and will not give you any medical advice, BUT I will tell you what I would do if I had MRSA. 🙂

      “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
      ― Hippocrates

      “The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”

      These 2 quotes exactly describe the recipe to heal any disease:

      Nourish the body with all vital nutients that it needs, clean out all toxic garbage, thereby creating a healthy environment inside of you and no microbe can and will ever be able to affect you.

      This has also been proven by the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton:

      Dr. Bruce Lipton: The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet (Video)

      Not even a virus can enter a healthy cell!

      If the milieu inside your body is a healthy one you could drink a glass full of cholera (and some doctors have done exactly that!) and it will not affect you,

      So now, what will help you getting rid of MRSA?

      As a starter you may want to learn about the Gerson therapy:

      The Beautiful Truth (Video – Full Documentary – The Reasons For Chronic Diseases And The Cure)

      What to drink:

      I would only drink distilled water to detox and heal the body:

      24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

      You can use a Vitamix (you need to get the dry blade) to turn herbs into fine powder and soak them over night in distilled water and drink that as “tea”.

      What to eat:

      1. Drinking vegetable juices (carrots, beets, greens etc.)

      2. Green smoothies (I use the Vitamix for that.)

      3. All kinds of raw salads (with onions, garlic, sprouts etc. – linseed oil, apple vinegar, lemon juice, honey as dressing suggestion)

      4. Sprouted grains, tomatoes and paprika mixed in the Vitamix, served with raw onions, garlic and celery is also deeply hated by all parasites and this will give you power and energy for many hours.

      5. …. (I do not have the time to descibe all I know here, but I hope I have given you some ideas/examples.)

      Don’t go from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to a raw food diet immediately, because then you will have huge detox/healing reactions that may make you think that what your doing is not good for you.

      Very important:

      You will have detox reactions and to soften them I would do coffee enemas every day like described in the Gerson books (below).

      This will boost your liver function and will help you greatly to get rid faster and better of the extremely harmful toxins from the bacteria. These toxins in your blood are the cause of your headaches.

      Later on I would shift to using distilled water enemas once every other day. Later on you may just follow your feelings. If you do not feel well, do an enema. 🙂

      If one is doing enemas every day one has to drink enough vegetable juices to nourish the body with enough nutrients, as described in the Gerson therapy books:

      The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses

      Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

      In my opinion cooked foods are ‘food’ for parasites whereas raw foods are antiparasitic and are the cure if done properly for all disease (and that is the problem with the raw food community out there, because in my opinion almost all of them make terrible, terrible mistakes.).

      So sticking (partly) to the Gerson diet (which incl. cooked foods) in the beginning will help you to avoid a lot of trouble and healing reactions. Later on you may or may not choose to go on a raw food diet.

      What else may help you?

      (We were testing every remedy in the clinic whether it is good for the patient or not before we prescribed anything. And in my opinion that is how it should be done. Most doctors, healing practitioners don’t do that.)

      Every body is different and there are hundreds of herbs that could be benficial to cure your MRSA.

      1. Herbs (Wild teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris), garlic, ginger, onions, aloe, goldenseal, sage, usnea, wormwood, artemisia annua, juniper, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, lemon seeds etc.)

      2. Acupuncture (I’ve studied acupuncture in China and if done properly, even better when combined with herbal medicine, will work wonders.)

      3. Homeopathy (The remedy needs to be determined according to your constitution. Also a MRSA C200 nosode could be used, BUT needs to be tested before you take it!!!)

      4. Bee Propolis: Nature’s Healing Balm With Immune Boosting Properties

      5. Vitamin D in high dosis

      6. Vitamin C (Acerola – Do not take synthetic Vitamin C.)

      7. Supplements in case of a deficiency … zinc, copper, selenium, iron.If you have a strong menstruation then your body could lack iron and be oxygen deficient, which opens the door to all kinds of disease.

      8. Spirulina & chlorella algae

      If everything fails here is one remedy that will not fail:

      In the clinic we were using a very effective and extremely cheap anti-parasitic treatment developed by Dr. Gerhard Steidl in Germany. These oils not only kill MRSA effectively, they also cure cancer. We also helped disabled Lyme disease patients out of the wheel chair and back to work within a month. I also had some milder cases of neurodermatitis where the skin was cleared in only 4 weeks (and stayed that way). We had malaria patients flown in from Africa that were cured with the help of these oils. The work of Dr. Gerhard Steidl was supported through the ‘Karl und Veronica Carstens Stiftung’ (Stiftung = foundation), which happened to be the only foundation in support of alternative medicine reasearch at that time in Germany.

      (Karl Carstens (14 December 1914 – 30 May 1992) was a German politician. He served as President of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1979 to 1984.)

      For the parasite cleansing contact Dr. Gerhard Steidl [Tel.: +44-(0)9176 – 9980632 – Fax: +44-(0)9176 – 5533] in Germany. There are many Dr.’s and healing practitioners that work with the ‘Para-Spezial’ oils he developed. (Most of them in Germany but also worldwide.)

      These oils work even better if taken with distilled water and if you follow a healthy diet.

      MRSA is no big deal, but I can show you under a good dark field microscope that you are not only dealing with MRSA. But don’t worry, because once you’ve helped your body to get back on track it will easily deal with all those parasites and kick them out of your body.

      And only for the brave:

      Read this book, containing lots of scientific studies, first before you call me crazy:


      or @Amazon.com: Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy

      More info on ‘Shivambu’ (Water of Shiva):

      John W. Armstrong: ‘The Water Of Life’

      Andrew Norton Webber: Healing With Distilled Liquids – Rejuvenating The Pineal Gland – Removing Fluoride, Heavy Metals And All Other Toxins From Your Body (Videos)

      Your body has the antibodies for every disease in your ‘Shivambu’. This will also cure all of your allergies if you have any.

      I hope I didn’t stretch things to far with the last remedy, but I really want to help you and I know that this always works and never fails and it is free.

      Even Big Pharma is using Shivambu, but they dare not tell this openly to the puplic.

      Keep me updated with your progress (if you wish).

      Merry Christmas and a year 2014 that will ‘bring your life back’.

      I’ve got to go now.

      Can’t even proofread my comment.

      All the very best for you,
      Infinite Unknown

  2. You are so right, antibiotics also destroy the beneficial bacteria in our intestines, infact my daughter Karen, 16 years old, (www.karengerada.com) after being given Augmentin post operation (to which she was allergic as I had stated to the doctor on duty) and then others to repair when at Intensive, she was also prescribed a medicine I bought to restore the flora in the intestines. Hope earnestly this herbal remedy works, as I still recall how my daughter suffered and believe me it still breaks my heart – all that needless suffering after encountering MRSA in hospital!

  3. I need to know how to get the oils to kill MRSA that I got in a hospital 4 months ago; I’ve been doing coffee enemas for 2 weeks, having about 20 UVB’s and 10 chelations and using emu oil and thieves; it’s somewhat better but i’ve had about 20 bad inflamed pus spots on my back and spine; so ready to be rid of this so I can celebrate a late Christmas w/my kids and grandkids.

    thank you….am continuing 4 coffee enemas w/thieves/tea tree and garlic daily

  4. I wanted to find out if you think H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) therapy taken internally would be more beneficial than taking these wildflower tinctures?


    • @Timmy,

      H2O2 is effective in treating parasitic diseases.

      Wildflower tinctures are effective, but not as effective as fresh juice produced with a slow juicer.

      Some herbs combined with a few carrots, an orange, apple or lemon will have a very powerful healing effect on the body.

      I very much like Dr. Steidl’s oils (mentioned above), which combine ozonides with essential oils.

      As a side note:

      If you give a high dose of vitamin C intravenous, then this results in the production of large quantities of hydrogen peroxide (!!!), which is the mechanism behind vitamin C i.v. being very helpful in treating cancer and other diseases.


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