The World According To Monsanto (Video)




The World According to Monsanto is a 2008 documentary film directed by Marie-Monique Robin. Originally released in French as Le monde selon Monsanto, the film is based on Robin’s three-year long investigation into the US agricultural giant Monsanto corporation’s practices around the world.

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Study: Baking Or Cooking With Splenda Releases Cancer-Causing Dioxins Into Food

This is why you should never bake with Splenda (TreeHugger, Jan 28, 2014):

Sucralose is a synthetic sweetener made from reacting sugar with chlorine. Marketed as “Splenda,” it was approved for sale in the United States in 1998, though it had been previously sold in Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. Since then, Splenda has become popular as a “no calorie sweetener,” according to its paper packaging. Sucralose has long been considered a safer alternative for sweetener than aspartame because it doesn’t break down at high temperatures, but now researchers have discovered a scary side effect to heating sucralose.

A study review recently published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health says that baking or cooking with Splenda releases cancer-causing dioxins into the food. The process of heating and cooking generates chloropropanols, a potentially toxic class of chemicals that may be linked to higher risk of cancer.

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EU Eco Groups Slam New ‘Agent Orange’ GM Crops

EU Eco Groups Slam New ‘Agent Orange’ GM Crops (Sustainable Pulse, Jan 27, 2014):

Testbiotech, GeneWatch UK and the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe, have today published a detailed report on the herbicide 2,4-D. They warn that the growing of genetically engineered plants is likely to increase the spraying of the “agent orange herbicide” 2,4-D and that if approved, it could be imported into the EU as GM animal feed.


Several applications for the import into the EU of genetically engineered plants that are resistant to 2,4-D are currently pending. Some of these plants have been engineered to be resistant to several herbicides at once. Especially in the US these GM plants resistant to 2,4-D are close to being allowed for commercial cultivation.

Find the Full Report Here

“2,4-D is known from its use as a compound in Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. The most visible detrimental effects on human health at that time were caused by contaminations with dioxin, which can occur as a highly toxic byproduct. Dioxin is classified a human carcinogen and is also capable of causing reproductive problems and damaging the immune system. As this report shows, dioxin still can be found in some 2,4-D”, says Hans Muilerman from PAN Europe. “For the substance 2,4-D, additionally, academic studies show toxic effects on DNA, birth deformations and endocrine disrupting effects.”

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Study: 100% Of Children Exposed To Excessive Amounts Of Arsenic, Dioxins And Pesticides

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Non Organic Foods That Contain Upwards Of 180 Times The Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

100 percent of children are found to be exposed to excessive arsenic, dioxins and pesticides in latest study (Natural News, July 21, 2013):

A new study on dietary toxin exposure found that all the participating children exceeded the cancer benchmark levels for arsenic, dioxins, dieldrin, and DDE, while 95 percent of preschoolers exceeded the non-cancer benchmark for acrylamide. More worrying was that the cancer risk ratios were exceeded 100-fold for arsenic and dioxins.

Children and adults exceed cancer benchmark levels for six toxins

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Red Alert For Humanity: Chemical Damage Can Be Inherited By Offspring Through Unlimited Generations

Red alert for humanity: Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations (Natural News, May 24, 2012):

Groundbreaking new science reveals that the harmful effects of exposure to synthetic chemicals are passed from generation to generation via “epigenetics,” causing measurable damage to future generations even if those offspring are never exposed to the original chemical. The phenomenon of “Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance” (ETI) has now been demonstrated in live animals, and if the implications of this research are fully understood, it would force human civilization to radically rethink its widespread use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture, medicine, food, construction materials, personal care products and elsewhere.

The research, led by Dr. David Crews (and including colleagues Michael Skinner, Ross Gillette and others), is entitled, “Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of altered stress responses” and is published in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) (

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Foodwatch: German Dioxin Contaminated Sample Was 164 Times Over The Legally Tolerated Dioxin Level, Dioxin Came From Pesticide Use


In 2007 the criminal German government did this:

Bundesregierung erhöht Gift-Grenzwerte in Obst und Gemüse (Greenpeace):

Neue Greenpeace-Untersuchung belegt Aufweichen des Verbraucherschutzes

Hunderte Grenzwerte für Pestizide in Obst und Gemüse hat das Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV) zwischen den Jahren 2004 und 2006 angehoben. Das bedeutet für Obst und Gemüse, dass ganz legal mehr Gift auf den Teller kommt. Nach einer neuen Untersuchung im Auftrag von Greenpeace sind die Steigerungen erheblich – im Schnitt haben die Beamten die Grenzwerte um das 33fache erhöht. Gerade bei bekannten Pestizid-Spitzenreitern mit den meisten Überschreitungen, wie Tafeltrauben, Salaten, Kräuter oder Beeren, hob das Ministerium die Grenzwerte am stärksten an, jeweils um über das 500fache.

“Es ist unglaublich. Die Verbraucherschützer aus dem Ministerium machen konsequent das Gegenteil von dem, was notwendig wäre, um die Gesundheit der Verbraucher und die Umwelt zu schützen”, sagt Manfred Krautter, Chemie-Experte von Greenpeace. “Minister Seehofer muss diese Praxis sofort stoppen. Wir brauchen keine Legalisierung von immer mehr Gift im Essen, sondern wirksame Kontrollen, damit belastete Lebensmittel vom Markt verschwinden.”

Here is the terrible ‘Google Translate’ translation:

– Federal government increases poison limits on fruit and vegetables (Greenpeace):

New Greenpeace research shows softening of consumer protection

Hundreds limits for pesticides in fruit and vegetables has increased, the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) between 2004 and 2006. That means fruit and vegetables that is quite legal, more poison on your plate. According to a new study commissioned by Greenpeace, the increases are substantial – on average, the officers, the limits increased by 33 times. Especially with known pesticide-runners with the most violations, such as table grapes, salads, herbs and berries, the Ministry raised the limits on the most, each by more than 500 times.

“It ‘s unbelievable. The consumer protection from the Ministry consistently the opposite of what would be necessary to protect the health of consumers and the environment, ” said Manfred Krautter, chemistry expert at Greenpeace. “Minister Seehofer must stop this practice immediately. We do not need to legalize more and more poison in the food, but effective controls to ensure that contaminated food from the market.”

And the German government couldn’t care less (from the article below):

“Consumer protection pressure group Foodwatch said Monday its own tests of a contaminated sample was 164 times over the legally tolerated dioxin level.

The group concluded the dioxin came from pesticide use on crops that were later used to produce the fat and urged the government to force livestock feed producers to probe all their ingredients for excessive dioxin levels.

Agriculture Minister Aigner declined to comment on Foodwatch’s report.”

She did not even say a word that they will look into Foodwatch’s report.

All governments know the studies that show that pesticides are a cause of Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer etc. They know this.

They know that Aspartame causes cancer and that MSG is the best fertilizer for cancer and that both destroy the brain.

They know that fluoride destroys health like nothing else.  They know that they are killing their citizens.

And people call us fanatics, because we are only eating organic food.

See also: German Dioxin Scare Spreads to Meat

Germany lifts dioxin-related bans on 3,050 farms

Germany has said that the number of farms banned from selling due to fears of dioxin poisoning would fall sharply in the coming days, as the government looked to ensure no repeat of the scare.(AFP//DPA/File/Bodo Marks)

BERLIN – Livestock feed producers must face stricter controls and Germany and other EU nations must have better, more centralized dioxin monitoring, German officials proposed Monday after high dioxin levels prompted the closure of thousands of farms.

Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner said officials were working nonstop to find out who and what had contaminated the feed sent to thousands of farms and vowed tough legal action against those responsible.

“The damage that has been done is immense,” she told reporters after a meeting with feed producers. “There must and will be consequences in this case.”

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German Dioxin Scare Spreads to Meat

Germany’s poisoned eggs scare has spread to chickens, with investigators now reporting increased levels of cancer-causing dioxin in meat.

The meat scare follows on from last week’s admission that tainted eggs from chickens that ate feed contaminated with dioxins had entered the UK food chain Photo: GETTY

Three chickens – out of 15 samples of chicken, turkey and pork sent to the EU Commission – showed a dioxin concentration twice as high as the legal level, it was admitted on Sunday.

The spokesman said the chicken meat had not been sold and that eating it “would not have been harmful in the short term since the contamination levels were so low”.

The meat scare follows on from last week’s admission that tainted eggs from chickens that ate feed contaminated with dioxins had entered the UK food chain.

Close to 5,000 farms have been shut across Germany and thousands of chickens culled after feed from a chemical company near Hamburg was tainted.

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Antibacterial Soaps: Chemical Ingedient Triclosan Produces Toxic Dioxins


For a list of products containing the chemical see page four of ‘The Ubiquitous Triclosan’, in pdf from Beyond Pesticides.

(NaturalNews) Dioxins are a group of highly toxic compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants. People are exposed to dioxins through the environment and the food chain — the highest levels of these compounds are found in soils, sediments and food such as dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish. And, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), this exposure can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.

So you would never flush dioxins into your water supply, right? If you use antibacterial soaps and other antibacterial products, you could be doing the equivalent of just that.

In 2003 and 2009, University of Minnesota civil engineering professor William Arnold and his colleague Kristopher McNeill published their discovery that the antibacterial agent triclosan, when exposed to sunlight, generates a specific group of four dioxins. Now, in a new study, a team of scientists from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology, Pace Analytical (Minneapolis), the Science Museum of Minnesota and Virginia Tech, have documented how triclosan is transformed into dioxins that are accumulating in the environment. This research, just published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, concludes dioxins originating from triclosan (found in many hand soaps, deodorants and dishwashing liquids) account for a huge increase in total dioxins now polluting Mississippi River sediments.

Efforts to cut down on dioxin contamination resulting from industrial pollution have been underway for several decades. However, the issue of triclosan in antibacterial consumer products has been virtually ignored. And the research team has found that over the last 30 years, while levels of all the other dioxins have dropped by 73 to 90 percent, the levels of dioxins derived from the antibacterial soap ingredient triclosan have risen by 200 to 300 percent.

For the new study, which was headed by Jeff Buth, a recent University of Minnesota Ph.D. graduate in chemistry, the researchers examined sediment samples from Lake Pepin, an enlargement of the Mississippi River located 120 miles downstream from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. They analyzed sediment cores (which contain a record of accumulated pollutants in the lake over the past 50 years) and checked for amounts of triclosan, the four dioxins derived from triclosan, and the entire family of dioxin chemicals.

The results? In the most current sediments, triclosan-derived dioxins account for about 30 percent of the total dioxin mass. “These four dioxins only come from triclosan. They didn’t exist in Lake Pepin before triclosan was introduced,” Dr. Arnold said in a statement to the media.

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Al Gore takes cash for ‘Life Earth’ water campaign from Dow Chemical

Al Gore is an elite puppet like Bush and Obama. He has been selected by the elite to brainwash the people with the global warming scam in order to push through with the elite agenda of world government, the ‘New World Order’.

It’s all about money, power and control.

Al Gore could become world’s first carbon billionaire

Environmentalists condemn former vice-president for letting controversial company fund Life Earth

Shyam Babu, 10, lives close to the Dow-owned Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal, India

Al Gore, the self-styled squeakiest-clean and deepest-green politician in American history, has some explaining to do this weekend. His environmental organisation has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemicals company.

Dow Chemical, the US firm, is sponsoring Life Earth events in 150 cities today. The event aims to raise money for clean water programmes. Research by environmental organisations has found dangerous levels of highly toxic chemicals in rivers, lakes and other water supplies close to several other factories owned by Dow and its subsidiaries in countries including the United States, Brazil and South Africa.

Dow’s factories at its global headquarters in Midland, Michigan, have been accused of contaminating the region, including the Tittabawassee River floodplains, with high levels of dioxin – one of the “dirty dozen” most dangerous chemicals. In 2007, the highest level of dioxin contamination ever measured by the US Environmental Protection Agency was found in the Michigan Saginaw River. Residents are advised to avoid contact with river sediments and not to eat locally caught fish.

Campaigners are outraged by what they call Dow’s “blatant attempt” to paint itself as a green company and divert attention from the Bhopal scandal, where 25 years after the 1984 disaster at the plant (then owned by Union Carbide) thousands of villagers are still forced to use contaminated water which causes birth defects, cancer and skin disorders.

Live Earth, which has accumulated celebrity supporters and thousands of activists worldwide since its climate change concert in 2007, has been criticised by campaigners for joining forces with a company which has a track record of, at best, being slow to clean up toxic spills that pollute water, damage ecosystems and endanger lives.

Three weeks ago, Amnesty International asked Live Earth to reconsider the sponsorship unless Dow publicly agreed to clean up Bhopal. Live Earth did not respond.

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