Former MI5 Agent Dr. Barrie Trower: Technology Used By Intelligence Agencies Can Induce Pain, Illness, Even Heart Attacks And Cancer, They Can Program And Remote Control Humans (Video)


(Tomorrow I will post what Hugo Chavez had to say about this.)

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MI5 agent Dr. Barrie Trower: dangerous radiation everywhere from Henning Witte on Vimeo.


Former MI5 agent Barrie Trower is a physicist who worked for British intelligence. There he got secret knowledge about the huge danger of electro smog=scalar waves and microwave radiation in our cell phone and Wi-Fi technology. He reveals how intelligence agencies misuse microwaves to influence people’s bodies, even the brain. They can induce pain everywhere in the body and illness, even heart attacks and every form of cancer. They can control your mind by reading your thoughts, changing them, spying on your memory, change or erase it. They can remote control a human totally without the targeted individual knowing about it. People can be programmed to be a living video camera, killing- or sex-machine.
It is easy to let people hear voices in their skulls. V2K is not a mental illness but the result of modern technology.
The cell phone and wireless Internet radiation damages not only us, our children and nature but even future generations in a so horrible way, that in three generations a lot of women will have lost their fertility.
Dr. Barrie Trower is upset over the fact that British scientists have a license to kill and they used it on hundreds of thousands innocent guinea pigs; and got away with it. He and Mind Control expert Dr. Henning Witte have their suspicions that secret microwave weapons triggered the English results in the London Olympics 2012.
Dr. Trower appeals to all kings and queens, especially to the Danish and Swedish royals, to help their people by giving a press conference revealing this horrible microwave technology.

5 thoughts on “Former MI5 Agent Dr. Barrie Trower: Technology Used By Intelligence Agencies Can Induce Pain, Illness, Even Heart Attacks And Cancer, They Can Program And Remote Control Humans (Video)”

  1. It was back in the 1940s when a mechanic was using a microwave mechanism for something totally unrelated to developing an over…..he walked by it, and it melted all the candy in his pocket. It was discovered accidentally.
    The microwave oven was far too costly for the consumer until the 1970s. I remember when it first came out………..I really wanted one. An oven that can cook something in seconds instead of hours??? But, I was a college student, and my first microwave oven was a gift from my loved on in 1979 or 1980. I used it for 20 years, and it finally bit the dust. It was huge, I could fit anything into it.

    I really don’t think people are going to give up microwave ovens. If they are using microwave in phones and other devices used a lot by people, there needs to be a educational movement to warn them off the phones. I got rid of mine about a year or so ago.

    The flip phone (analog) came out in the early 1990s, and that is when I got one. It was a Motorola, and the first one that could be carried without a box or other annoying devices. I didn’t like the digital ones, the analog had much better sound resolution.

    Anyway, the rest is history, people do their business, emails, financials, ETC on their phones…………and I drew the line. I realized it had become an electronic leash instead of a luxury item. News, weather, bank statements……..all can be done on your phone…….and I am sure it is all accessed. I won’t go there. I would not be surprised at anything, people walk along reading their phones, and it is so much like Orwell’s 1984.

    The author of Brave New World wrote another book in the 1950s called “Brave New World Revisited”. In that book, he wrote he was far too optimistic in the earlier version…… was far worse, and moved much faster than he dreamed.
    It is a very depressing book, short, and to the point. He does not address microwave or other awful things, but the hopelessness is visible on every page.

    I don’t think it matters much. We face our own extinction, and this rubbish is only one aspect. The planet is very alive, something I learned living in a coastal rain forest in Northern CA, and it is getting ready to wash us off as we might ants on a sink. The Pacific Ocean, provider of 50% of our oxygen is dead. The food chain has been destroyed. CA is in year five of a terrible drought. If it continues much longer, it will become unlivable. Fukushima continues unabated and ignored.

    There was a time when I was young, such a disaster would cause great minds to get together and work to find a solution to the ongoing disaster in Japan. Now, nothing, nobody cares. I find it appalling and my dismay grows each day.

    All of this without thinking about microwave technology. There are important things to work on, and nobody does a damn thing about anything.

    “Man plans, God laughs” is a term I learned long ago, but in our case, regardless of what anyone believes, the living planet is done with us. We have made the beautiful planet unlivable for humans.

    • To John,

      NEVER heat food or water with a microwave oven, if you want to stay healthy.

      To Marilyn,

      Give me 10 minutes to talk to any person and if they have just a few functioning brain cells left they will never ever use a microwave oven ever again.

      What comes out of a microwave oven cannot be called food anymore and that is why the body reacts to microwave heated (= unrecognizable) food with a massive immune reaction, exactly like he would act if he would have to deal with an ‘alien invasion’.

      Think of your body as a nation and what a waste of energy and resources it would be to put the entire country unnecessarily on RED ALERT 3 times (= meals) a day, 1095 times a year.

      And that is just a small part of the whole story.

      I also know from an engineer working at one of the best quality producing companies in the world that he will never ever put a microwave oven into his kitchen – in his case for technological reasons only.

  2. Thank you guys for the heads up. I have a 1 and a half year old. I warm up her food all the time in the microwave. I always wondered about it but figured the technology has come such a long way that it is OK now:(
    I give her organic whole milk, eggs and butter. I can’t afford more organic foods or she would eat it. My wife and I have normal eggs milk and butter because it’s much cheaper. We used to give her a snack while I prepared her egg consisting of fruit loops, cheerios or kix. After reading the fruit loop story we threw out the box of kicks. I know about the dangers of gmos in corn. I have no clue how to get normal corn or what products have normal corn so I also threw out the kix. My wife and I earn a very modest income and home schooling isn’t an option since I am out of work for several months every year and we r need my wife’s income to help us through.
    I want to make my own garden but we live in a cold region and in a condo. I can’t even hang plants without someone complaining .
    I despise the vaccines that we have to inject into our little one. She is way behind the schedule and I only let the Dr give her 2 at a time when she isn’t sick. I also had him check to see if the shots contain thimerosal. He said they don’t.
    Thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
    Marilyn, I’m sorry to here about your health. You sound very wise and I pray for your health.

    • To Josh,

      There is a lot more to say about food and diet.

      Maybe I’ll find the time to post more about it.

      Just one more thing: Totally avoid homogenized milk and everything that is made out of homogenized milk.


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