Remote Viewing UPDATE: Major Ed Dames On … The ‘Kill-Shot’, Solar Flares, Safe Zones, Fukushima, Gold & Silver, Economic Collapse, Mad Max, ‘Obama Is The Last President’, Martial Law & Chaos

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The world’s foremost remote viewing teacher, Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army (ret.) is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as the training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s psychic intelligence (PSIINT) collection unit, and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group. The technical consultant for the feature film, Suspect Zero, (a Tom Cruise-Paula Wagner production), Ed coached Sir Ben Kingsley, and played the role of an FBI remote viewing instructor in the movie, as well.

9 thoughts on “Remote Viewing UPDATE: Major Ed Dames On … The ‘Kill-Shot’, Solar Flares, Safe Zones, Fukushima, Gold & Silver, Economic Collapse, Mad Max, ‘Obama Is The Last President’, Martial Law & Chaos”

  1. Dear Mr. Dames,
    I find your studies to be very intriguing. I believe that many people are experiencing a visual/vibrational energy that is guiding masses of people into a revelation that encompasses the subject-matter you have researched. I am one of them.
    For decades I have had a third eye & found it hard to understand the meaning behind many of my visions or experiences of synchronous coincdence.
    At age 42 I now know there are NO COINCIDENCES, everything happens for a reason & there is a pattern or plan to our exisitence. For some, (like myself) our being has more substance than most & our place in the universe can & does directly impact our environment.
    There is an impending doom that looms ahead.. & there is little anyone can do about it.. it has our governments scrambling for answers & a shelter that will protect the elite.. but, the oncoming is not selective with whom it will impact.. & they know it. When those with the power now, emerge from their bunkers, they will emerge poweless & the world won’t have a place for them anymore & the meek will inherit the earth.
    It’s a bleak future for many & a future with uncertianty, but hope & faith will continue & for those like myself we will embrace it & live on.
    It has become clear what our purpose is.. & I prepare for the day when a wave of light sends me underground.
    Your predictions are correct.. I have ssen it for years in flashes of film being played over-n-over again inside my head. The significance is life changing & devestating living with a sercret I know will come true & no one believes me. I am not alone & it is hard to find others who either, have the gift of future sight or can appreciate the prediction that possesses my soul.
    I find some solice in knowing the truth.. & also, knowing others are following the path that may preserve our humanity from passing into extinction or another mass decline of populations, ultimately sending us back into the woods where we once emerged (with a little help from some entities beyond), however that’s another chapter in our evolution.. maybe, someday I would be fortunate & have the pleasure of sharing my beleifs in our origin & our path & destiny on this planet?.. If people only knew the truths to our existence & how it came to be, our past history that has become lost or corrupted by powers that be to create an illusionary world, controlled by their puppet strings.. what a fruitful exixtence it would be.. & will be again.. but, not until we suffer & survive the burden of our burping star, the sun.

    • @Todd Hitchcock,

      So you have built yourself an underground shelter?

      What kind of shelter would be sufficient from what you can see in your visions?

      Where do you see total destruction and where do you see survivors?

      Infinite Unknown

    • @Todd Hitchcock,

      Thanks for commenting.

      I get around 500-1000 spam comments a day, so I have to be careful what comments I approve in order to not experience a complete spam nightmare.


  2. Well . . .hate to disappoint y’all but it aint gonna happen. Sorry folks the good news is there is indeed “a God” and He/She Loves His Creation. We have our beloved space Brothers who are all fully Christed Beings running interference on our behalf as they have with many “foretold” events that have never come to pass so this will be just another day in paradise. The evoloving consciousness of mankind has past critical mass which averts disasters of this magnitude and so the “future” which is always in flux continuously changes. Thanks
    p.s. If you want to hear God laugh, simply tell Her your predictions/plans . .

    • @1 starsister,

      Maybe God loves his/her/its creation, but he/she/it is definitely NOT protecting it from its ignorant & dumb offspring.

      This planets ecosystems are ALL DYING.

      I bet God is NOT laughing.

      And what would be better than THIS to send something to clean up the mess and remove stupidity from the planet?

      The planet and nature will survive. Stupidity won’t.

      “The evoloving consciousness of mankind has past critical mass…”

      Oh sure!

      Last time one of those lightworkers told me that the U.S. congress now consists of about 50% lightworkers and that all is going to be well.

      That was when Obama became President. ROFL!

      And if I look at Obama’s NDAA and his assassintion program, then it is I who is laughing at you blind people.

      Tell those almost 50 million food stamp recipients that we have reached critical mass.

      I tell you that the greatest financial/economic collapse in world history is about to happen and that people will fight for a piece of dried bread in the streets of America.

      God also does love the children of Africa, right? RIGHT???

      Now that LOVE is coming to America right now.

      Now that said all of this has really nothing to do with the love of God.

      The love of God allows, allows and allows all of this to happen.

      This is unconditional love that knows that life never ends, no matter how stupid God’s children act and behave.

      God has billions of earth’s to let his/her/its children grow and learn.

  3. @Todd Hitchcock I would really love to hear more on your visions to see if they are similar in any more ways to mine. I have found 11 other people who do share my vivid/real dreams.
    I realise that I may come off as being loopy/crazy, but I have taken heed of my dreams. Taking oregano oil, which I never knew about till I had my 3rd vivid dream. It stops a cold dead in it’s tracks, apparently in my dream their is a real bad sickness that the oregano oil can help stave off.
    Then I saw power outages and me protecting my cars by rolling them onto cardboard and covering the rooves, bonnets and sides with cardboard and then bundling them all up in chicken wire, which I have since found out is a very crude faraday cage.
    Then things get worse, I take everyone I can find with me to the mountains and hide in the mines/tunnels, as it is away from the floods and much worse.


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