Ron Paul On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Video) – Listen America!!!

The video (in good quality) has been removed.

I’ve found a replacement.

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President Obama To Jay Leno: Libya Is ‘A Recipe For Success’

‘War is peace!’

… and …

… ‘slaughtering civilians every day, raping & pillaging an entire country, bombing it with depleted uranium (=genocide) is ‘a recipe for success!’

‘A recipe for success’ is coming to a country near you soon.

Syria, Pakistan and Iran are on the list and so is WW III.

To understand what this was really all about see my commentary here:

Muammar Gaddafi Salted Away About $200 Billion

This is the change elite puppet President ‘Obama bin Bush’ promised and there is more coming.

A FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER you can believe in!

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The End of History: Now That The CIA’s Proxy Army Has Murdered Gadhafi, What Next For Libya? – With Real Inflation At 11.5% And Real Unemployment At 23% Will The US Collapse In Economic Chaos Before It Rules The World?

Obama To Leno: Libya ‘A Recipe For Success’ (AP, Oct. 26, 2011):

President Obama defended the U.S. role in bringing down Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi, rejecting assessments that the international coalition he helped assemble amounted to “leading from behind.” “We lead from the front,” he told late-night television host Jay Leno on Tuesday.

Laying out an argument for his emerging foreign policy doctrine, Obama distinguished the U.S. steps in Libya from the invasion and nine-year war in Iraq. He argued that by building a broad international alliance of European and Arab nations against Gadhafi, the United States saved American lives and money and achieved its goal.

“Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground,” he said. “Not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.”

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