Measles hysteria leads daycare directors to order parents to subject children to invasive blood draws

Measles hysteria leads daycare directors to order parents to subject children to invasive blood draws (Natural News, March 2, 2015):

The mainstream media is politicizing the recent measles outbreaks, using the disease to create a dichotomy to divide Americans. The vaccinated are being pitted against the unvaccinated and a blame game has been riled up. This pointless debate, gripping news headlines, is being used not to educate the population on better hygiene, nutrition and immunology; it’s being used to rile support for new laws mandating that the entire population be subjected to whatever vaccines “medical science” has deemed necessary to live. This call for a medical dictatorship has even gripped the minds of politicians and authorities who are now giving out the most irrational advice about diseases like measles. It’s as if the recently infected children in Disneyland are being used as pawns to drive a message of fear into the rest of the population. That fear is driving the population to make irrational decisions.

Don’t be motivated by fear; instead, get the facts.

Fighting measles isn’t about getting vaccinated

The truth is that there has not been a single death from measles in the past decade. Once a person naturally recovers from measles, they are immune for life. If there’s anything to be wary about, it’s the measles vaccine, which, according to VAERS, has caused 108 deaths in the past decade. This fact alone makes it wiser to face the measles with a healthy immune system rather than subject oneself to a vaccine that has a higher risk of death.

Measles vaccination sheds live virus, putting nearby immune-compromised at risk

Measles is unnecessary to vaccinate for, especially since the vaccine readily sheds a live virus up to a week after the person has been vaccinated. This means that the measles vaccine is contagious — shedding a measles virus that can put immune-compromised people at risk.

For those who choose not to vaccinate with the measles virus, they must be careful not to contract the live measles virus from the recently vaccinated.

Should the recently vaccinated be required to wear insignia that tells those around them they were recently injected with a live virus vaccine? Should the vaccinated be quarantined for a week or more? These ideas would be a more intelligent approach to help stop the spread of measles. Why are healthy, uninfected people the ones being chastised and threatened with jail time? Why punish the healthy, when it’s the one who chose to get vaccinated that are scientifically a greater risk to those nearby?

Regardless of this fact, it’s still easy for pundits and politicians to blame the unvaccinated for recent measles outbreaks. This fear-mongering misinformation has even caused the leaders of one daycare to order parents to subject all children to invasive blood draws!

Daycare center shuts down, forcing all children to undergo invasive blood draws

In fact, all this fear has caused a daycare center at the Santa Monica High School to shut down because a baby contracted a benign case of measles. The child is currently making progress and overcoming the disease like normal, but since then, 14 babies have been placed under quarantine for 21 days.

Most shocking is that the directors of the daycare are requiring blood tests from all toddlers before the center reopens.

All this fear is a win-win for the medical system, which is forcing people to be dependent on its products and services. The call for forced vaccinations is not enough. Now everyone must prove they aren’t sick by submitting to forced blood draws! What could be the next mandate in a culture that forces everyone to pay for medical system health insurance?

The Samohi Infant Toddler Center has become a testing ground for a new slew of forced medical intervention and surveillance. Officials are now requiring that infants’ blood be drawn to monitor them before they can be approved to interact with the public.

What kind of world are we living in? What does the future hold? Will schools require yearly blood draws from all students in the near future?

The fear of disease, no matter how great, should never be used to strip people of their own sovereignty and decision making over their own bodies. It should never be used to strip people of their civil liberties, forcing them to pay for pharmaceutical products and medical system protocol.

America is being steered further into a time of horrendous medical dictatorship. It’s only creating more micromanagement, panic and force, all in fear of a benign disease like measles which poses no risk to healthy children, whether vaccinated or not.

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