GMO Oranges Containing Pig Genes In The Works

GM oranges containing pig genes in the works (Natural News, Nov 5, 2013):

Increasingly stricken by a disease that leaves them shriveled, discolored and sour, Florida oranges are the latest target for genetic manipulators who are right now working on a new variety of genetically modified (GM) orange that could end up containing pig genes. According to The New York Times (NYT), the disease, known as citrus greening, threatens the entire domestic orange industry, which is why some of Florida’s largest citrus producers see no other option but to fund the development of GM oranges.

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January Freeze Severely Damaged California Navel, Mandarin crops

January freeze reduces California Navel, mandarin crops (Western Farm Press, Feb. 7, 2012):

Two nights of frigid temperatures in mid January across portions of California’s Fresno and Madera counties nipped the 2011-2012 Navel and mandarin citrus crops by an estimated 10 percent to 25 percent.

The Jan. 16-18 freeze event hit northern Fresno County and Madera County the hardest with as much as a 40 percent to 100 percent crop loss in the coldest locations in those counties.

“We estimate 10 percent of the Navel crop and 15 to 20 percent of the mandarin crop have been affected by the freezing temperatures,” said Bob Blakely, director of grower services with California Citrus Mutual, Exeter, Calif.

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And Now: GMO Oranges As Solution To Insect-Borne Bacterial Disease

For every disease nature has a cure.

Homeopathy for example works especially good with plants, animals and babies, …

… because they are more susceptible to the placebo effect. (Sarcasm)

I am using herbal extracts and homeopathy with my plants.

(NaturalNews) Problem, reaction, solution: that’s the name of the game in the U.S., and it’s how sweeping changes that would otherwise never happen end up coming to pass. Currently, a widespread pest problem among citrus plants known as “greening” allegedly threatens the continued existence of orange fruit production, and the only way to fix it, say some, is to genetically-alter orange trees to resist the pest.

A recent report in Reuters explains that the Huanglongbing (HLB) bacteria, or “yellow dragon disease”, is ravaging orange groves throughout Florida. The disease was first identified in China more than 100 years ago, and it has now somehow spread to the U.S. where some experts say it could wipe out the majority or entirety of Florida’s orange groves within seven or eight years.

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