3 thoughts on “Matterhorn Asset Management Founder Egon von Greyerz: A Bankrupt World, $26,000 Gold & The Destruction Of Wealth”

  1. The need will be for clean food water and air. His vision of $26K gold is just that….an illusion. The world is imploding, our civilization is vanishing, and there is nothing being done to stop it.
    Gold isn’t the answer.

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    As the only safe base for financial exchange, it has stood the test of time.
    I agree that should we be on the edge, and get pushed off, then there is nothing left, and everything is academic, but not everything revolves around the US.
    Like I said before, the only thing going for UK is that we have the home base of both the Saxe-Coburgs and the Red Shield, and, as they control a large amount of what goes on, I suppose it’s a good-ish place to be at present even if overpopulated.
    Again, the decadent wastefulness of all things in the US must have pre-empted a re-consideration of the world by the PTB. The sub-prime issue is but the start of a big re-structuring.
    In the western world, demand for goods is diminishing. Job loss results and capital erosion must follow, but disinfo smudges the realisation by the masses until too late.
    A return to the 1920’s & 30’s is inevitable, and even then, there was the Gatsby/Astor Society and the rest, but gold will always be in demand….if only to grace the fingers and necks of ladies.

  3. Gold in my jewelry is prized, but I think it is being pushed far too hard. Perhaps it is better where you are, the US has become a sewer.
    A return to the 1920s and 30s isn’t possible because the situation is far different………in 1929, the US was the world’s largest lending nation, all currency backed with gold, and an emerging manufacturing power. Today, it is a shell, its only export is death, the currency is collapsing.
    There were also decent people in power who put the nation ahead of the greedy guts……they didn’t belong to them.
    I don’t know if you are familiar with Citizens United ruling by the supreme court…..and its second passage a couple of weeks ago giving greedy guts the right to give any politician up to $3.5 million in cash…..literally buy his representatives. The people have no chance in a system like this.
    A few months ago, repeal of Citizens United was on the ballot in 38 states. Today, it has been dropped by many, including CA.
    Gold may always be in demand, but the greedy guts have all they want, and small players will get poor returns on it….they have cornered the gold market as Jay Gould did in 1873……only this time, they have done it legally, and there is nothing the people can do.
    In the 1930s, we had a literate, engaged populace. Today, we have dumbed down fools……….it is very different, a nation in decline, no growth in sight.


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