How To Improve Your Health Condition Dramatically And Protect & Detoxify Your Body From Fluoride, Arsenic etc.

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This is vital information for all people who want to stay healthy and especially for all people who already have manifested any kind of disease.

This is also important information for those who want to remove radioactive particles, fluoride, arsenic etc. from their drinking water.

This is knowledge the real elitists (I am not talking about elite puppet Presidents) want to hide from you the most!

Highly recommended book! Dr. Allen E. Banik: The Choice Is Clear (Price: $3.50)

Read this book first, then you may come back and buy one of these:

(If you buy a water filter/distiller via the provided links you are supporting Infinite Unknown.)

I would (actually you have to) use a carbon filter before distilling water for many reasons.

I recommend a countertop model, because you can easily take it with you when travelling AND you can buy a handpump for it in case there is no electricity!!!

Multipure produces excellent carbon filters and so does the German company Carbonit:

Here are some countertop models

Water Filter – Multipure CBVOCSC Countertop Water Filter Price: $379.89

Multipure Aquaversa MPCT Carbon Block Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Price: $332.95

Filtering your water from all kinds of pesticides, herbizides, carcinogenic solvents, radioactive particles that would contaminate your perfect water, the water of life.

Now here is the most important step: Water distillation, which will remove Arsenic 99,9%, Fluoride 99,9%, Nitrate 99,8%, Heavy Metals 99,5%, Bakteria 99,9% etc. and all totally useless, toxic inorganic minerals from your water.

Inorganic minerals are only good for plants. Human beings can only metabolize organic minerals provided to us by plants.

Here are some models to do the job:

Water Distiller, Countertop, White Enamel, Glass Collection – Price: $199.00 (List Price: $229.00)

Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Plastic Collection

Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection

Waterwise 4000 Water Steam Distiller – Glass Jug / Container

(((NOT recommended, but having a non electric water distiller as backup makes a lot of sense. You can build your own water distiller. There are videos to be found all over YouTube on how to do that.
Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller – NEW 2011 Model

Distilled water is not bad for your body as being claimed by the WHO, which is a private organization like the Fed and around 75% funded by Big Pharma.

According to the WHO it is also a very good idea to add DEADLY fluoride to drinking water!

Distilled water does leach minerals from the body, but ONLY inorganic minerals (incl. radioactive particles) and NOT organic minerals.

So it will only remove all the garbage from your body and nothing else.

Bye-bye arthritis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension etc.

Distilled water will also decalcify the pineal gland and remove toxic inorganic fluoride from your body!

Distilled water will not turn the body acidic. Quite the opposite! A lemon has an  alkaline, cleansing effect when metabolized by your body and so does distilled water.

Distilled water is so pure that it removes CO2 from the air, so store it in glass bottles only.

I will soon post about the many benefits of distilled water.

4 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Health Condition Dramatically And Protect & Detoxify Your Body From Fluoride, Arsenic etc.”

  1. The recommended distillers on this page have carbon filters- should I be buying a water filter as well, to “pre” filter out carbon and other toxins?

    • @Sharri,

      Good question.

      The ‘carbon filters’ that come with the distillers are usually small bags of activated charcoal that certainly will have a positive effect, but I personally prefer to use a real carbon filter (which is a really big carbon block and not just a small bag) to get rid of those VOCs (and other toxic substances as well) before the distilling process.

      (If it is about the money, start with the distiller and the carbon bags and buy the carbon filter later.)

      Infinite Unknown

  2. I tend to distill then filer in 5 level filter that as 3 filers things that filter the water then the rest put back in the good trace minerals so they clame but ill tell u this my water as not tasted better


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