Prof. Chris Busby On HOT PARTICLES – ‘The Citizens Of Fukushima Are Living In An Area Which The Soviet Union Would Have Considered To Be An Exclusion Zone In Terms Of Radioactivity’!

Fukushima Warning (Translated) w/ Chris Busby HOT PARTICLES

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Original video here that contains English to Japanese translation (like I said, I cut out the translation portion and kept only the English portion) The guy in the white shirt did not comment at all, except to say thank you..
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apparently he was warned June 24, 2011

Special thank you to cosmiccowboy92021 to showing me the original interview. He did a good written translation as well:

This is my transcript of Dr. Christopher Busby, on a teleconference call to Japan. THIS IS NOT WORD FOR WORD & SOME PORTIONS I COULD NOT MAKE OUT VERY WELL (terrible audio quality). I believe this to be a fairly accurate summary of what Dr. Busby said.

The levels of radio activity that you are measuring with geiger counters, which I understand it to be about 1 microsievert per hour – they convert into a contamination in the surface of the ground, of levels which are on the border (or approximating) those of the Chernobyl exclusion zone – and which should be illegal under the European law.

Under the European law, The real problem is that these limits are already wrong. For these kinds of exposure, The ICRP Model is completely incorrect…
The situation is, these internal radionuclide substances, like plutonium, strontium 90, like Tritium, a whole range of other substances, including uranium… which is very dangerous – existing in the form of particles – these substances carry an enormously high risk of causing ill health in your children, and in parents, in pregnant women, and in all animals that live in this area that is contaminated.

The people there will know that most of their children there will be getting sick.
These sicknesses that you get are a result of inhaling and eating substances that are contaminated with uranium, plutonium and other radioactive substances.
NONE OF THESE SUBSTANCES CAN BE DETECTED WITH GEIGER COUNTERS… When you measure one microsievert per hour, you do not include any of these substances in that one microsievert per hour. We know that these substances are there, because I have in my laboratory, and my colleagues have measured in other laboratories the contents of the car air filters, we have analyzed these.

When we put the elements from the air filter next to x-ray film and we develop the film we see different light sources and flashes of light. These are called HOT PARTICLES. They are very small, you cannot see them – they are almost like a gas. If they are in the car filters, because cars breathe air – then they are inside of people, inside the lungs, inside the nose, inside the guts… and they will be causing significant harm.

Japanese scientist … … would have done these experiments as well, but they have not told the people the answer.

So, people who live in this area, who are ingesting and inhaling these substances have to take their children to a safe area ASAP. This is a very serious matter.

In the last twenty years, an enormous amount of scientific evidence has emerged from people who were exposed to the Cherynobyl radiation, which is very similar to the Fukushima radation. The evidence shows the Risk Model that is being used now is wrong by a factor of more than one thousand times.

Tons of Info!!! Los Alamos Study Group’s Willem Malten Reports on Current Nuclear Issues – 14/07/11

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  1. Excellent article, thanks! What people don’t seem to get is the fact the meltdown throwing out the radiation continues without end. They have no technology to stop it. As it pours into the air, water and soil, it also gets into the jet stream and travels all over the globe. Perhaps if they had a way to stop it, the damage would be limited to Japan, and to those of us in the Pacific Basin. But, since it keeps boiling, it is encompassing the entire globe. It is already in the food chain, in our air and in the ocean. It is an unprecedented disaster, and the denial I see everywhere amazes me. I live in Northern CA, and I had a friend tell me Seattle is getting it really bad, but we won’t because the jet stream is focused north in the summer months. We had pouring rain through June. When I reminded him of that fact, he retreated. I asked him what brand of kool-aid was he drinking, it is everywhere and will only get worse.
    Do you know any scientists who might be able to give us an idea of the true impact of this disaster? You manage to find some pretty incredible people.
    Thanks again for your excellent and well researched reports. People like you give me hope that journalism isn’t dead after all.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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