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Secretary Paulson Remarks on the Economy Before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“The structure of our economy is sound and our long-term economic fundamentals are healthy.” – Henry Paulson
January 22, 2008
Source: Treasury

Paulson: U.S. Banking System Fundamentally Sound
“Our banking system is a safe and a sound one,” Paulson insisted on CNN’s “Late Edition.”
Mon Jul 21, 2008
Source: CNBC

Bush: US Economy is Sound Despite Problems
“We can have confidence in the long term foundation of our economy. And I believe we will come through this challenge stronger than ever before,”
he said.
15 July 2008
Source: VOA News

The next bubble to burst will be US Treasuries and when this bubble bursts the dollar will be destroyed.

There will be a financial collapse in the US.

This mess will – most probably – be even worse than the Great Depression.

I urge you again to prepare yourself.

There is not much time left to get yourself ready.

Part I: “The End for the Dollar and all Fiat Currencies (1/5)

Part II: “The Next Bubble to Pop! (2/4)

Part III: “On Gold and Market Manipulation (3/5)

Part IV: “The Significance of Gold Backwardation Explained (4/5)

Part V: More on Gold and Silver Backwardation and Manipulation (5/5)

Supplement to explain futures market basics and backwardation: “The Money Matrix – What the Heck Are Derivatives? (PART 10/15)

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