Prof. Yukio Hayakawa Measures Radiation Levels In Abiko City And Kashiwa City In Chiba

Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes a “Radioactive Walk” In Abiko City and Kashiwa City in Chiba (EX-SKF, April 19, 2012):

The Gunma University professor took a walk in part of Abiko City and Kashiwa City, in the so-called “Tokatsu area” in the northwest corner of Chiba Prefecture with elevated radiation levels.

He says there is a statistically significant difference between the radiation levels on the ground levels and the levels at 1 meter off the ground, with the levels at 1 meter off the ground 20 to 30% less than at the ground levels.

The radiation levels of “black dust” he found along the way (in microsievert/hour):


Professor Hayakawa’s walk from Abiko City to Kashiwa-no-ha in Kashiwa City on April 16, 2012:


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Prof. Yukio Hayakawa Detects 9 Microsieverts/Hour In Koriyama City Park In Fukushima Pref.

Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes a “Radioactive Walk” In a Park in Koriyama City, Fukushima, Finds 9 Microsieverts/Hr “Black Dust” (EX-SKF, April 10, 2012):

Professor Hayakawa went to Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture and walked in Kaiseiyama Park right near the City Hall. Compared to his walk in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo on the previous day, the radiation levels in Koriyama City is markedly higher (no surprise).

This time, the professor is armed only with his personal survey meter that only measures gamma ray. He seems to have a protective case on the survey meter, so I don’t think he is laying down the survey meter “naked” on the grass or dirt. (He’s been doing this for one year now in various locations, after all.)

He took the measurement of “black dust” at 4 locations:

  • 3.533 microsieverts/hr
  • 9.103 microsieverts/hr
  • 7.291 microsieverts/hr
  • 6.331 microsieverts/hr (in the City Hall parking lot)


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Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes A Walk In Fukushima City, Detects Very High Levels Of Radiation

Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes a Walk in Fukushima City, 3/16/2012 (EX-SKF, Mar 16, 2012):

armed with 4 different radiation survey meters. One of the reasons he went to Fukushima was apparently to test the survey meters and compare the readings. The entire walk took 7 hours yesterday, says Hayakawa in his tweet, nothing compared to mountain climbing. (He’s a volcanologist.)

4.164 microsieverts/hour on the “black dust” – roadside sediment of soil and organic materials. (It is not just in Minami Soma City, where the highest radioactive cesium density in the “black dust” so far is 3.43 million becquerels/kg.)

Over 10 microsieverts/hour (all his survey meters went overscale) at the rain gutter.

2.3 microsieverts/hour on the lawn in front of the City Hall, 1.5 microsievert/hour 1 meter off the lawn.

For detailed locations and measurements, see his blog post (in Japanese).

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Prof. Yukio Hayakawa’s Walk With His Survey Meter In Nagareyama-Kashiwa In Chiba Pref.


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Prof. Yukio Hayakawa’s Walk with his Survey Meter in Nagareyama-Kashiwa in Chiba Prefecture (EX-SKF, Feb. 19, 2012):

Radiation levels remain elevated in Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture. It was in Kashiwa that 450,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was found from the soil near the drain in the public space in the middle of the city. There is a strange (to me anyway) collaboration between the city and the citizen volunteers to decontaminate the city.

Before the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, the background radiation level in Kashiwa City must have been no higher than the average in Chiba, which was 0.03 microsievert/hour (see this site). Now, as Professor Hayakawa’s walk shows, it is 10 times that in many locations. Contrary to a belief by some in Japan that there was no radioactive plume that went south from Fukushima through Ibaraki to Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa, these elevated radiation levels in Kashiwa City are the evidence that the plume did in fact come.

Japan Public Enemy Prof. Hayakawa From Gunma University Told To Shut Up Or Face Disciplinary Action

Public enemy (Fukushima Diary, Dec. 8, 2011):

Prof Hayakawa from Gunma university got served a written warning by the president of Gunma university.

Though Gunma university is almost meaningless for the world, Prof Hayakawa has been doing the great job by making the detailed radiation map.

He is an expert of volcanic ash. He used his knowledge, he estimated the flow of the plume and made the map which is more accurate than the one of the government.

He also warned about eating vegetables from eastern Japan based on his own map, which is very rational.

Stakeholder of the farmers or Tepco complained to Gunma university and had the president warn Prof Hayakawa.

It’s becoming harder and harder to tell the truth. (Source)

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Our university is a national university run by government’s tax. However, Prof Hayakawa’s comments on the internet have been hurting Fukushima people or farmers. It violates the employment regulation not to damage the name recognition of Gunma university. We expect you to refrain yourself on the internet.
If you repeat this kind of inappropriate speech ,we will take any disciplinary action against you.

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Professor Yukio Hayakawa of Gunma University Is Under Attack (Video)

Professor Yukio Hayakawa of Gunma University Is Under Attack (EX-SKF, Dec. 7, 2011):

from his own university.

He was reprimanded by the university president for his “insensitive and inappropriate” remarks about “disaster victims” in Fukushima on his Twitter and blog, and is threatened with “disciplinary measures” that include termination from his position.

There are four types of “disciplinary measures” for public employees like Hayakawa: termination, suspension without pay, pay cut, and reprimand. He already got the last one.

He is the one who put out the radiation contour map from the very early days of the disaster. He is very much politically incorrect, not afraid to say things as they are.

Professor Hayakawa tweeted the entire reprimand live, after warning the university that he was tweeting live.

Hayakawa decided to hold a press conference this afternoon (December 8), changed his mind and decided to have an open lecture instead and booked the classroom. The school disallowed his booking, because the reservation didn’t go through the proper channel. So he decided to have an open house in his office.

Then the head of the department came and forbid him to have an open house in his own office, but somehow that must have gotten resolved, and Professor is speaking with the media.

Tokyo Shinbun, Kyodo News, Yomiuri, TBS, and IWJ (Yasumi Iwakami) are there right now, live on USTREAM, here.

(And here’s the link to the video recorded live.)

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